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Pure-Play Genomic Tool Shops See Only Slight Decrease in VC Cash So Far in 2002

This update includes a $5.7 million Series A financing announced by Dharmacon Research. Since GenomeWeb reported on the placement after the original deadline passed, the financing was not mentioned in the final tally. The update also removes from the list Applied Genomic Technology's $150 million placement. The article incorrectly listed the VC fund Applied Genomic Technology Capital as a genomics company. GenomeWeb regrets the error.

NEW YORK, Aug. 26 - A review by GenomeWeb found that pure-play genomic tool and technology companies reported raising about $102.7 million in private-equity cash since January, down slightly from the $115 million similar companies reported pocketing during the same eight-month period last year.

For the remainder of 2001, genomic firms reported raising more than $415 million, the brunt of which--some $300 million--appearing between September and Christmas.


According to VentureWire, a VC tracking firm, venture-capital interest in biotech companies, which includes genomic customers and a small number of vendors, actually increased 44 percent  during the three months ended June. 


But the tool and tech sector still has some catching up to do. Following is a glimpse of the eight VC investments reported since January 2002 and the 24 rounds reported throughout 2001.


[Editor's note: This list comprises only those private-equity rounds announced by genomic, proteomic, bioinformatic, and microarray companies, and reported by GenomeWeb. This list does not include government grants, equity investments tied to R&D collaborations, private stock placements, or any other form of cash infusion not related to venture capital.]




Dharmacon Research, Aug.27--$5.7 million
, Series E, July 30--$27 million

HandyLab, Series B, July 25--$5.5 million

Hybrigenics, Series C, April 12--$14.8 million

Gyros, Series B, April 11--$36 million

Gentris, undisclosed round, March 19--$1.5 million

Beyond Genomics, undisclosed round, Feb. 13--$11 million

High Throughput Genomics, Series A, Jan. 21--$1.3 million



2001--Total year


Syrrx, undisclosed round, Dec.26--$18.5 million

MitoKor, undisclosed round, Dec.20--$25 million

Avalon, Series B, Dec.17--$70 million

ExonHit, Series C, Dec.3--$26.8 million

Fluidigm, Series C, Nov.12--$34 million

Glycominds, undisclosed round, Nov.7--$7.1 million

Atto Bioscience, Series A, Oct.29--$3 million

GeneFormatics, Series C, Oct.17--$22 million

Protedyne, Series B, Oct.12--$12 million

Galileo Genomics, undisclosed round, Oct.10--$16.5 million

Sagres Discovery, undisclosed round, Oct.3--$20 million

Solexa, Series B, Sept.24--$12 million

EuroProteome, undisclosed round, Sept.17--$8.7 million

Entelos, undisclosed round, Sept.6--$25 million

LaunchCyte, undisclosed round, Aug.8--$700,000

Viaken, Series B, June 25--$13 million

DNAPrint, undisclosed round, June 18--$2 million

AlgoNomics, Series B, June 5--$1.5 million

DeveloGen, undisclosed round, April 18--$35 million

LifeSpan Biosciences, Series C, April 17--$19 million

Nanostream, Series B, March 30--$10 million

LumiCyte, undisclosed round, March 26--$20 million

Proteologics, undisclosed round, March 5--$14 million

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