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Product Introductions, Upgrades Announced at Pittcon 2006 by BCW Index Firms*

Product Introductions, Upgrades Announced at Pittcon 2006 by BCW Index Firms*
Company Product Description
Agilent Technologies 6410 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS Part of the new 6000 Series LC/MS platform.
6340 Ion Trap LC/MS Part of the new 6000 Series LC/MS platform. Includes an electron transfer dissociation unit for protein and post-translational modifications studies.
MassHunter Workstation software Software platform for the 6000 Series Triple Quad and Q-TOF LC/MS systems.
Intelligent Services Internet-based service and software support.
Beckman Coulter GenomeLab SNPStart Primer Extension Kit Kit for SNP detection on the firm's CEQ 8000 Series Genetic Analysis System. Validated and optimized for multiplexing up to 10 SNPs in a single tube.
IOTest CD136 (RON)-PE conjugated monoclonal antibody CD136 antigen for identifying a receptor protein kinase potentially involved in tumor development and growth.
Bio-Rad Laboratories Overlap Density Heatmaps and Overlap Density Consensus Object displays Upgrades for the firm's KnowItAll Informatics System.
Bruker Daltonics MALDI Molecular Imager System for in vitro imaging of peptide and protein biomarker distributions in tissue sections and cell clusters.
AccuScreen Accurate Mass Ion Chromatograms Used with the firm's micrOTOF ESI-TOF and micrOTOF-Q ESI-Q-q-TOF LC/MS systems.
PTMscan Detects post-translational modifications on the firm's PTM Discovery System.
R-series magnets Refrigerated magnets for the firm's apex line of hybrid Fourier transform mass spectrometers.
Apollo II Dual Source Developed for the apex line of hybrid Q-q-FTMS mass spectrometers. Based on a wide aperture two-stage ion funnel with simultaneous integration of a MALDI and an ESI source.
MALDI BioTyper System for identifying and classifying microorganisms using protein fingerprints measured by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.
Thermo Electron Orion Star Navigator 21 CFR part 11 compliant data collection software and Orion Star Series Meter Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification documentation Software and documentation tools for compliance with auditors and regulatory agencies in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and environmental industries.
Surveyor Plus Refractive Index and Surveyor Plus Fluorescence detectors Designed for use with the Finnigan Surveyor Plus HPLC product line.
QuickQuan software For automating high-throughput LC-MS/MS assays in early drug discovery. Designed for use with the Finnigan TSQ Quantum triple quadrupole mass spectrometer.
Waters Acquity SQD A single quadrupole mass detector combined with the firm's Acquity UPLC system.
LCT Premier XE Time-of-flight spectrometer configured for atmospheric pressure ionization LC/MS. The instrument is optimized for use with Acquity UPLC.
UPLC Peptide Mapping Application Solution Includes UPLC BEH130 and BEH300 peptide mapping columns
UPLC Amino Acid Analysis Application Solution Includes AccQ-Tag Ultra Chemistry Kit with AAA column.
UPLC Column Manager Regulates temperature of up to four BEH columns
UPLC photodiode array detector, evaporative light scattering detector, and enhanced tunable UV detector For use with Acquity UPLC.
Empower 2 Method Validation Manager and Empower Enterprise Data Manager Options for the Empower Chromatography Data Software.
eLab Notebook Software 3.0 Platform for electronically documenting scientific processes and collaborations in the lab.
* Does not include product introductions solely for industrial applications,
such as food and environmental applications.
The Scan

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The New York Times reports that missing SARS-CoV-2 genome sequences are back in a different database.

Lacks Family Hires Attorney

A lawyer for the family of Henrietta Lacks plans to seek compensation from pharmaceutical companies that have used her cancer cells in product development, the Baltimore Sun reports.

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The Associated Press reports that family members are calling on the US military to use new DNA analysis techniques to identify unknown sailors and Marines who were on the USS Arizona.

PLOS Papers on Congenital Heart Disease, COVID-19 Infection Host MicroRNAs, Multiple Malformation Mutations

In PLOS this week: new genes linked to congenital heart disease, microRNAs with altered expression in COVID-19, and more.