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PEOPLE: GenomeWeb s Weekly Personnel Roundup of the Genomics Sector: Feb 20, 2002

NEW YORK, Feb. 20 - Irene Hrusovsky has been appointed president and chief executive officer of EraGen Biosciences, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.


Hrusovsky was previously vice president for general medicine, medical marketing strategy, and clinical operations at GlaxoSmithKline, where she directed commercialization strategies and new models for clinical research.


EraGen is a bioinformatics company based in Madison, Wisc.



Surface Logix, a biosurface and microassay company, has added three new senior managers, the company said:


Chi-Chi Zhu was named vice president of business development on Wednesday, while Paul Sweetnam was tapped to be chief scientific officer, and Greg Kirk was named vice president of technology earlier.


Zhu, who was a founding member of Celera Genomics and most recently the company's director of business development, will develop and maintain Surface Logix' business partnerships. Before Celera, Zhu was in corporate business development at Perkin-Elmer.


Sweetnam was most recently a vice president of the pharmaceutical division at Bayer, where his team was involved in integrating bioinformatics, genomics, protein biochemistry, and related discplines in early drug discovery.


Kirk was previously senior director of technology and DNA microarray group leader at Millennium Pharmaceuticals.


Surface Logix, based in Boston, focuses on soft lithography and biosurface development for the manufacture and miniaturization of bioassays



Gene Logic, the Gaithersburg, Md.-based bioinformatics company, said on Feb. 19 that it has added J. Stark Thompson to its board of directors.


Thompson was most recently president and CEO of Life Technologies, a life science product supplier that was acquired by Invitrogen in November 2000.


Prior to that, Thompson spent 21 years at DuPont, ultimately in the role of business director of the company's global clinical systems division.




Abgenixpromoted two senior managers in clinical development: Gisela Schwab was named chief medical officer, and Gregory Bell was appointed vice president of clinical development in inflammation.


The promotions were announced on Feb. 19.


Schwab has been with Abgenix since 1999 when she joined as vice president of clinical development. In her new role, she will lead clinical product development and manage regulatory affairs, toxicology, and pharmacokinetics. She is trained as a hematologist and oncologist.


Bell, a rheumatologist, will lead the company's inflammatory disease drug candidates. Before joining Abgenix, he was a medical director at Merck, where he worked to develop and commercialize the anti-inflammatory drug Vioxx.


The company, which focuses on commercializing human therapeutic antibodies, hopes to file two investigational new drug applications each year, beginning this year. The company is based in Fremont, Calif.



Millipore said on Feb. 19 that Francis Lunger would become chairman of the board following the company's annual shareholder meeting on April 25.


Lunger, 56, is currently the company's president and chief executive officer.


He replaces C. William Zadel, who is currently serving as board chair. Zadel is chief executive officer and board chair of Mykrolis, a former Millipore microelectronics division that was spun off as an independent company last year.


Lunger joined Millipore in 1997 as chief financial officer and was elected president in April 2001 and chief executive officer four months later.




PerkinElmer said on Feb. 15 that it had appointed Neil Cook as chief scientific officer and vice president of global R&D for Life Sciences division.


Cook will lead and integrate the division's global R&D and guide technology development work.


Cook comes from Amersham Biosciences, where he was most recently vice president for corporate development. He also held the role of senior vice president for drug discovery, where he directed business strategy and marketing for the company's genomics, proteomics, drug discovery, and bioinformatics divisions.


At Amersham, he coordinated a multidisciplinary effort that led to the company's Scintillation Proximity Assay. Cook, a biochemist, also led development of a variety of enzyme, receptor, and cell-based assays.



Michael Tracy, pharmaceutical discovery division vice president at SRI International, has become vice president for corporate business development in biotechnology, SRI said on Feb. 15.


Tracy will launch and lead projects in biotechnology, bioinformatics and proteomics as part of the institute's Ventures and Strategic Business Development team.


Tracy has been with SRI since 1981. As vice president of pharmaceutical discovery, Tracy oversaw the synthesis and screening of new compounds for biotech and pharmaceutical companies.


SRI, based in Menlo Park, Calif., is an independent R&D organization that provides contract research for government, industry, and foundations.



Millennium Pharmaceuticals chief scientific officer Robert Tepper was appointed to the US National Institutes of Health's National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research, the company said on Feb. 14.


This council, in consultation with the office of the Secretary for Health and Human Services, the NIH director, and the director for the national Human Genome Research Initiative, sets policy regarding the support of human genome research, training in genomics, and other related programs.

The council includes 15 members in genetics, genomics, molecular biology, public health, information science, law, management, economics, and other fields.


Tepper has been with Millennium since 1994 and has been chief scientific officer since 1999. He also serves as Millennium's executive vice president for discovery and holds an adjunct faculty position at Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.



Davis, Calif.-based cancer company Sagres Discovery has added Rajen Dalal to its board of directors. Dalal is vice president of Chiron and president of the company's blood testing division.


He will provide advice and experience to the company in its business strategy and collaborative partnerships, said company CEO David Ferrick in a statement.


Sagres focuses on the moelcular basis of cancer, applying functional genomics to identify and validate novel gene targets. The company raised $20 million in its first round of financing last year.

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