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PEOPLE: GenomeWeb s Weekly Personnel Roundup of the Genomics Sector: Jan 30, 2002

NEW YORK, Jan. 30 - Structural proteomics company Syrrx said on Monday that it had hired Keith Wilson as vice president of technology.


Wilson will manage structural biology projects and guide the company's efforts to uncover protein structures and discover new drugs.


He was previously one of the project leaders of Vertex Pharmaceuticals' $800 million kinase alliance with Novartis.


Syrrx is based in San Diego.


Software company Spotfire has hired William Cobert as vice president of sales as part of its European expansion, the company said on Monday.


Cobert, based in Geneva, will lead the expanded sales effort. Cobert was previously general manager of European operations at VA Linux, where he incorporated and managed the company's European subsidiaries and oversaw more than 300 people.


The company also named Niklas Lindgren its director of professional services. He will be based in Goteborg, Sweden, where the company's European headquarters as based.


Spotfire's US base is in Somerville, Mass.


BSI Proteomics co-founder Len Arnowitz has been named chairman of the board, the company said on Monday.


Before his involvement with BSI Proteomics, Arnowitz was division chief, special payload division, at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. He was also consultant to the Israeli Space Agency on life science experiments.


BSI Proteomics, based in Gaithersburg, Md., is a division of BioSpace International.


Kosan Biosciences said on Monday that it had promoted four executives to senior roles, formally instituting a senior management team.


Michael S. Ostrach, the company's chief operating officer, was also named president. Robert Johnson, Jr., was promoted to senior vice president for medical affairs and corporate development, and Susan Kanaya was named senior vice president of finance and chief financial officer. Both were previously vice presidents.


In addition, Kevin Kaster will be the company's senior vice president for legal affairs.


"It's recognition of the accomplishments and experience level of the staff and the fact that we're getting to be a bigger organization and have vice presidents as well as senior vice presidents," said Ostrach.


The company also said that Brian Metcalf has renounced from the company as senior vice president and chief scientific officer. Metcalf will remain on the company's scientific advisory board.


Kosan, a public company based in Hayward, Calif., is working to create a library of polyketide ligands, a category of compounds that affect the activity of GPCRs.



Scion Pharmaceuticals added three new senior managers from the pharmaceutical industry, the company said on Monday. Jeffrey Williams will be vice president, Nancy Stuart will be the firm's vice president of strategic development, and Patricia Abbott will be head of operations.


Williams was previously vice president in the development office at Anesta Corp, which was acquired by Cephalon.


Stuart comes from Amgen, and was vice president of business development for Kinetix Pharmaceuticals, later acquired by Amgen.


Abbott was senior director of operations and human resources at Phylos, where she was involved in starting up the company.


Scion, based in Medford, Mass., combines functional genomics, chemistry, and high-throughput electrophysiology to discover drugs that will address ion channel and receptor defects.


BioVision AG said on Monday that Thorlef Spickschen would be the company's new board chairman. Spickschen, 60, was formerly CEO of Knoll AG/BASF-Pharma, and is also a veteran of Eli Lilly and Boehringer Mannheim.    


The company also announced that it had completed its second round of financing, securing more than €15 million. Lead investors were Heidelberg Innovation, and others included Nextech Venture, IVEC, and the MPC Group.



Cepheid has elected Robert Easton to its board of directors, the company said on Jan. 23. Easton, the chairman of Easton Associates, consults in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and in vitro diagnostics.


Before founding his company in 2000, Easton was founder and managing director of the Wilkerson Group, a healthcare strategy consulting firm. He was previously in the industrial gas and medical products division of Union Carbide.


Cepheid, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., makes and markets devices for rapid on-site DNA detection and identification.



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