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PEOPLE: Deltagen s New President, Trevor Hawkins JGI Stand-in, and others

NEW YORK, April 24-Deltagen said today that it had hired Michael Sember as president and chief operating officer.


Sember was previously executive vice president of business development at Elan, where he launched and managed global strategic partnerships.


The company also said that CEO William Matthews, 47, will now also be chairman of the board of directors.


Matthews, a co-founder, was appointed president in February 1997 and CEO in December 1998.




Cellzome said on April 23 that it had hired Georg Casari as vice president of informatics.


Casari will help the company improve its data integration and information management, Cellzome said in a statement.


Casari was previously senior vice president and head of life science research at Lion Bioscience. He was also one of the company's co-founders.


Before his tenure at Lion, Casari was a staff scientist at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and the European Bioinformatics Institute.



Eddy Rubin will become interim director and acting division director of the genomics division of the Joint Genome Institute at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley director Charles Shank said earlier this week.


Rubin replaces Trevor Hawkins, who has stepped down to become Amersham's senior vice president for genomics.


Rubin is currently a senior scientist and head of genome sciences at Berkeley labs. His research focuses on biological annotation of mammalian genomes and using expression profiling to identify regulatory gene sequences.


Hawkins is gradually reducing his involvement at JGI as he moves into the Amersham position. His title at JGI is now consulting director.


LBL is launching a search for a permanent JGI director. Institute representatives have said that they hope to identify a replacement by the summer.



The San Carlos, Calif.-based gene expression technology firm NuGEN said on April 23 that it had added Joe Gray to its advisory board.


Gray is a professor of laboratory medicine and radiation oncology at the University of California, San Francisco. He is an expert in the genetic progression of breast and ovarian cancer, and has served on the National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research.


Gray will help guide development of the company's first expression analysis product, which relies on a proprietary linear amplification technology. NuGEN hopes to create a system that requires significantly smaller samples and can deliver accurate, fast amplification.



Biomolecular engineering firm EngeneOS has hired Gordon Wong as chief scientific officer, the company said on April 23.


Wong will lead the company's efforts to develop new tools that integrate biomolecular and biomechanical advances. EngeneOS is currently working on chemosensitive transcriptional switches, electronic readout systems for molecular interactions, and methods for electronic manipulation of molecules.


Wong was previously chief scientific officer of US Genomics, and prior to that was scientific fellow and senior director at the Genetics Institute.


Waltham, Mass.-based EngeneOS was founded in late 2000.



Applied Molecular Evolution said on April 22 that it had added Clive Meanwell to its board of directors.


Meanwell is founder, executive chairman and director of The Medicines Company, which commercializes late-stage pharmaceuticals. He was previously partner at venture capital firm MPM Capital and a senior vice president at Hoffman-La Roche.


Applied Molecular Evolution is a publicly owned company based in San Diego, Calif.



William Walker, Transgenomic vice president of intellectual property, resigned from the firm on April 5, 2002, according to the firm's annual proxy statement, which was filed on April 22.


John Doyle, Transgenomic's former executive vice president of emerging markets, also no longer holds an executive position with the company. He "remains with the company in a sales, marketing and business development capacity," according to the statement.



University of Toronto psychiatry professor Fabio Macciardi has taken a position as vice president of statistics and genetic epidemiology at Genset, the company said on April 18.


He will contribute to the company's research into central nervous system and metabolic disorders, and will be based in Evry, France.


Macciardi's expertise is in psychiatric genetics and human molecular genetics, and focuses particularly on schizophrenia. He has pioneered new statistical techniques to explore the genetic basis of neuropsychiatric disease.


Micciardi previously worked as a consultant to the Paris-based company.

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