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Pennsylvania Bucks


Pennsylvania researchers rake in $1.4 billion through NIH grant funding, making them one of the top-funded states in the nation. (You’d think with a place called “Bucks County” they wouldn’t need money, but it seems that is not the case.) Plenty of that funding goes toward various efforts in systems biology. To compile this chart, GT sorted through the grants to find ones clearly related to the disciplines under the systems biology umbrella, and for the sake of space, selected the institutes with the most funding. This list, current as of April, is not comprehensive.


Award PI Name Project Title


Alan Waggoner
Long Wavelength Quantum Dot-based Probes — Cell Tracking


Robert Levy
Genetic Mechanisms in Pediatric Heart Disease

Michael Phillips
Cellular and Molecular Biology of Lipoprotein Metabolism

Katherine High
Gene Therapy for Hemophilia

John Wolfe
Gene Transfer and NMR Studies in Alpha-mannosidosis Brain


Jose Russo
Genomic Basis of Reproductive History on Breast Cancer


Melvin Bosma
Control of Ig Gene Expression in Ig Transgenic Mice

Christoph Seeger
Functional Analysis of the Hepatitis C Virus Genome


Webb Miller
Software for Analyzing Biosequence Data


Shohreh Amini
Signal Pathways Modulating HIV-1-induced Injury in CNS

Keith Latham
Primate Embryo Gene Expression Resource


Renato Baserga
Translational Research in Cancer

Walter Curran
Relevance of Genomic Alterations in Colorectal Cancer

Paolo Fortina
Four Color Array Bound SNP/Mutation Detection in Cancer

David Strayer
SFV Gene Delivery to Inhibit HIV and SIV Integrase


Raquel Gur
The Neurobiology of Stimulus Encoding in Schizophrenia

Garret Fitzgerald
Signal Transduction in Atherosclerosis

Klaus Kaestner
Functional Genomics of the Beta-Cell

James Wilson
DNA Virus as Vectors for Cardiovascular Diseases

Steven Albelda
Gene Therapy for Malignant Mesothelioma

Virginia Lee
Tauopathies: Genotype and Phenotype

Alan Gewirtz
Examing Oligonucleotide Effects on Gene Expression

Arlen Price
Fine Localization of Genes for Human Obesity

Ian Blair
Fourier Transform Mass Spec Proteomics and Genomics

Richard Spielman
Genome-wide Analysis of Genetic Variation Expression

Christian Stoeckert
Plasmodium Genome Database

William Degrado
Proteomics to Biomimetic Polymers: Engineering Principle

Alexander Whitehead
Pharmacogenetics of Methotrexate Therapy in Arthritis

Lyle Ungar
Training Grant in Computational Genomics

Raquel Gur
The Genetics of Endophenotypes and Schizophrenia

Arlen Price
Genetic Studies of Obesity

James Alwine
Regulation of Cellular Functions by DNA Tumor Viruses

Michael Nusbaum
Graduate Training in Systems and Integrative Biology


Joseph Glorioso
Cardiovascular Gene Therapy Center

Joseph Glorioso
Gene and Cell Therapy of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Cynthia Gadd
Pittsburgh Biomedical Informatics Training Program

Joseph Zmuda
Bone Strength Phenotypes in Men: Genes and Environment

Daniel Shaw
Pathways to Early-and Late-Starting Antisocial Behavior

William Bigbee
Serum Proteomic Biomarkers for Colon & Pancreatic Cancer


David Speicher
Novel Comprehensive Proteome Analyses of Metastasis


The Scan

Study Tracks Responses in Patients Pursuing Polygenic Risk Score Profiling

Using interviews, researchers in the European Journal of Human Genetics qualitatively assess individuals' motivations for, and experiences with, direct-to-consumer polygenic risk score testing.

EHR Quality Improvement Study Detects Demographic-Related Deficiencies in Cancer Family History Data

In a retrospective analysis in JAMA Network Open, researchers find that sex, ethnicity, language, and other features coincide with the quality of cancer family history information in a patient's record.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Linked to Gut Microbiome Community Structure Gradient in Meta-Analysis

Bringing together data from prior studies, researchers in Genome Biology track down microbial taxa and a population structure gradient with ties to ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease.

Ancient Greek Army Ancestry Highlights Mercenary Role in Historical Migrations

By profiling genomic patterns in 5th century samples from in and around Himera, researchers saw diverse ancestry in Greek army representatives in the region, as they report in PNAS.