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Paul Edwards Joins Graffinity; Joseph Nevins Director of Duke Center for Genome Tech; James Schoeneck Named CEO of Activx; and Others

NEW YORK, Nov. 26 (GenomeWeb News) - Paul Edwards has been appointed associate director of medicinal chemistry at Graffinity Pharmaceuticals, of Heidelberg, Germany, the company said today.


Edwards comes to Graffinity, which uses its chemical drug-fragment microarray technology and medicinal chemistry capabilities in drug discovery, from Pfizer Global Research & Development, where he was a principal scientist. Before that, he was a senior research chemist at Oxford Assymetry International.


This appointment follows closely on the heels of the company's appointment of Mathias Woker as vice president of business development USA earlier this month.  The company said it currently has 90 employees.


Paul Heaney has been appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board at CalbaTech , the company said Nov. 25.


Heaney has most recently been executive vice president of research and technology at Sequenom , where his team developed the MassARRAY genotyping platform. He also worked as head of bioelectronics at Sarnoff, which led to the successful spin-out of Orchid Biosciences . Prior to that, he held positions at Amersham International , Kodak Clinical Diagnostics (now Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics ), and Genometrix.

Samuel Kaplan , chairman of the department of microbiology at the University of Texas Houston Medical School, has been appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board of CytoGenix, the company said Nov. 24. 

Kaplan is an expert on the bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides, and is a collaborator in the R. sphaeroides genome project funded by the US Department of Energy .  R. sphaeroides has potential in bioremediation, as it can break down heavy metals.  Kaplan has been at his current post since 1989. Before that, he was at the University of Illinois - Urbana from 1967 to 1989.

CytoGenix, of Houston, develops biopharmaceutical compounds using its gene regulation technology.


Isabelle Guyon has been appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board of Health Discovery , the Waco, Texas company said Nov. 24. 


Guyon is a consultant and expert in statistical data analysis, pattern recognition and machine learning. Prior to starting her consulting practice in 1996, Guyon was a principal investigator at AT&T Bell Laboratories for six years, where she applied neural networks to handwriting recognition in pen computers. She also invented the Support Vector Machine method of classifying data, while collaboration with Bernhard Boser and Vladimir Vapnick, the company said.


Health Discovery, formerly Direct Wireless Communications, recently launched as a computational drug discovery company.


Joseph Nevins has been appointed director of the Center for Genome Technology at Duke University, according to a statement on the CGT's website posted Nov. 21.


Nevins, a professor of genetics at Duke and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator, focuses his research on genes that control cell growth and the disruptions in genes that lead to development of cancerous tumors. In this new role, Nevins will be responsible for incorporating genome technologies in different research activites both at Duke Medical Center and on the main campus. He will step down as chair of the Duke department of genetics, a position he has held since the department was founded in 1991.


"I simply felt it would be impossible to head the department and also play an important role in developing campus-wide programs in genome technology if I was to do either of them right," Nevins said in a statement. "My research and CGT go hand in hand. I find it a great opportunity to take discoveries in breast cancer genomics research and apply them in clinical settings. Now, all of the pieces are in place to further develop and apply the technology to problems of very significant clinical and biological importance, within the context of the IGSP."


Nevins joined Duke since 1987, after completing his postdoctoral work.


The university is currently forming a search committee for the position of chair of the department of Genetics, according to the statement released by the CGT.


James Schoeneck has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of ActivX Biosciences, the company said Nov. 18.


Schoeneck comes to Activx from Prometheus Laboratories, where he was president and CEO. Prior to that, he was vice president and general manager of the immunology business unit at Centocor, which is a division of Johnson & Johnson. He also worked as vice president of marketing and commercial development at Centocor, and before that at Rhộne-Poulenc Rorer for 13 years.


ActivX  is a privately-held company that uses chemoproteomics technologies and high-throughput protein analysis techniques in drug discovery and development.





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