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Pattern Recognition Greenbacks for Genome Institutes


NHGRI has already stated that it will award the Big Three genome centers — based at Baylor, Washington University, and Whitehead — the majority of upcoming sizable genome grants. To check in on funding for these three centers, Genome Technology culled through a state-by-state database offered by the NIH Office of Extramural Research website and compiled this list of the obviously genomics-related grants. Because the database does not break down data within institutions, this list shows grants awarded for the whole university or institute rather than just the genome centers. All grants are issued by NIH and are current as of July 28, 2003.

Grant Amount PI Grant Title
Baylor College of Medicine
$19,026,413 Richard Gibbs

Continuing Megabase Sequencing At The BCM HGSC

$8,001,411 Richard Gibbs

Sequencing The Rat Genome

$1,255,669 Adam Kuspa

Sequencing The Dictyostelium Genome

$1,150,937 Adam Kuspa

Functional Genomics Of Dictyostelium

$565,785 Bert O’Malley

Sex Hormone Receptor Components And The Cell Genome

$562,348 David Nelson

Sequence And Haplotypes For Analysis Of Cancer Genes

$494,269 Aleksandar Milosavljevic

Clone-Array Pooled Shotgun Indexing

$451,500 Kevin Slawin

Prostate Gene Expression Changes Associated With Bph

$301,000 Timothy Palzkill

Functional Genomics Study Of Treponema Pallidum

$293,475 John Wilson

Instability Of Triplet Repeats In Mammalian Cells

$250,206 Susan Marriott

Transcriptional Regulation Of Htlv Gene Expression

$249,052 Francesco Demayo

Physiological Regulation Of Pulmonary Gene Expression

$231,770 Ronald Davis

Regulated Gene Expression And Drosophila Behavior

$228,349 Lawrence Donehower

P53 And Genomic Instability Models

$216,337 Michael Metzker

Development Of Fluorescent Detector For DNA Sequencing

$186,875 David Nelson

Baylor College Of Medicine Microarry Facility

$150,500 Olga Cabello

Inducible Gene Silencing In Transgenics: RNAi

$75,250 Li-Yuan Yu-Lee

Gene Sequences Involved In Prolactin Action

$1,505 Li-Yuan Yu-Lee

Gene Sequences Involved In Prolactin Action

Total: $33,692,651

Total Baylor College of Medicine awards from NIH: $176,536,196

Percent of total awards in clearly genomics-related grants: 19

Washington University

$48,871,087 Richard Wilson Sequencing The Human Genome
$9,587,489 John McPherson

Sequencing The Mouse Genome

$661,600 Richard Wilson

Comparative Genomics In The Enterobacteriaceae

$649,470 William Goldman

Comparative Genomics Of Histoplasma And Blastomyces

$500,000 Anne Bowcock

Sequenom MassArray System

$385,000 Jeffrey Gordon

Regulation Of Gene Expression In The Small Intestine

$336,230 Douglas Berg

H.Pylori Population Genetics And Genome Evolution

$295,400 Michael Brent

Predicting Gene Structure — Vertebrate Genome Comparison

$272,716 Gabriel Waksman

Structural Studies Of DNA Replication And Repair

$272,340 Henry Johnston

Comparative DNA Sequence Analysis Of The Yeast Genome

$269,500 Gary Stormo

DNA Pattern Identification And Analysis

$246,400 Gary Stormo

Nucleic Acid Sequence Analysis

$117,890 Stephen Johnson

Integrated Zebrafish Genomic Resources

Total: $62,465,122

Total Washington University awards from NIH: $272,789,815

Percent of total awards in clearly genomics-related grants: 23

Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
$61,926,674 Eric Lander

Center For Genome Research

$9,125,000 Eric Lander

Sequencing The Mouse Genome

$967,339 Rudolf Jaenisch

Genomic Imprinting And The Cloning Of Mice

$879,387 David Page

Genomic Studies Of Sex Chromosomes

$701,265 Richard Young

Genomic Regulatory Networks In Innate Immune Cells

$646,047 Rudolf Jaenisch

Nuclear Cloning And The Reprogramming Of The Genome

$518,816 Jill Mesirov

Genepattern: Methodologies And Software Tools

$155,445 Nick Patterson

Statistics And Genomics — A Work Program

$129,693 David Jaffe

Whole Genome Shotgun: Modeling, Optimization, Assembly

$42,085 Jennifer Hughes

Sequencing The Chimpanzee Y Chromosome

Total: $75,091,751

Total Whitehead Institute awards from NIH: $88,458,042

Percent of total awards in clearly genomics-related grants: 85

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