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Paracel Introduces Supercomputer for Sequence Similarity Analysis

NEW YORK, Jan 17 – Celera subsidiary Paracel has formally introduced GeneMatcher2, a super computer that can do high-throughput analysis of sequence similarity, the company said Wednesday.

The computer contains over 27,000 programmable parallel processors, works at thousands of times the speed of the newest microprocessor, and executes Smith-Waterman and Hidden Markov algorithms, along with others that cover biological data searches, analysis, and gene hunting.

" The issues now are to compare, annotate, and understand the massive amounts of data being generated," said Kwang-I Yu, president of Paracel. “To do so effectively, we need to leapfrog current computing technology, and build tools that can keep pace with databases that are doubling in size every few months…We believe that this product will have a significant impact on pharmaceutical and biotechnological research."

GeneMatcher2 succeeds GeneMatcher-Plus, and the original GeneMatcher, which was introduced in 1997. These plug-and-play computers are designed to use a form of technology called application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) to compare DNA or protein sequences to other known genetic sequences. GeneMatcher computers come with software that allows them to be integrated into various bioinformatics platforms, the company said.