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PanVera President to Pull Double Duty as Head of Aurora Biosciences

NEW YORK, March 14 - Vertex Pharmaceuticals on Thursday has appointed Michael Wokasch president of its Aurora Biosciences unit.


Wokasch is already president of another Vertex subsidiary, PanVera, and will retain that role. At Aurora, he replaces Harry Stylli, who left the firm.


Wokasch will help the company broaden its customer base and expand customer relationships, said Vertex chairman and CEO Joshua Boger in a statement.


Vertex acquired Aurora last year in order to expand its drug discovery in G-protein coupled receptor and ion channel genes.


PanVera is a recombinant protein manufacturer that Aurora snapped up in 2000 for about $36 million. Wokasch became PanVera's president in July 2001.


Prior to that, he was CEO and president of startup Gala Design.

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