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OralDNA to Distribute Interleukin's Periodontal Disease Genetic Test in US

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – OralDNA Labs has licensed the rights to sell an Interleukin Genetics test that assesses the risk for periodontal disease, Interleukin said Wednesday.
Under the agreement, the oral diagnostics company has acquired a non-exclusive license allowing it to market, sell, and distribute Interleukin Genetics’ PST Genetic Test to dental practices in the US.
The PST Genetic Test analyzes interleukin 1 genes for variations that identify an individual's predisposition for inflammation and risk for more severe periodontal disease, the company said.
Brentwood, Tenn.-based OralDNA has agreed to pay Interleukin Genetics a set fee per test for all of the tests it sells, and it is responsible for all of the associated marketing costs.
Interleukin also said that patients will be asked through informed consent if they would like to receive additional genetic tests from Interleukin Genetics besides the PST.
Interleukin’s CEO, Lewis Bender, said the agreement should help to “build a customer base to provide additional test services.”
OralDNA CEO Brian Carr said in a statement that the company plans to market the PST test along with its MyPerioPath test, which identifies specific bacteria that cause infections in the structure of the gums.