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Lickable Genome?

The NHGRI is hoping a first-class postage stamp will commemorate the dual genomics milestone due next April: the 50-year anniversary of the discovery of the double helix and the formal completion of the human genome sequence. But the process of winning approval for a postage stamp is no small challenge.


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Vive la France

Until now, countries like Germany and Switzerland have led the European race to develop home-grown genomics industries. France has yet to find a niche all its own. But with a new bacterial sequencing project led by Grenoble-based Genome Express, that may begin to change.


Find “Delicate Nose with Toasty Oak Notes … Why, It Must Be French Genomics!” by searching: French


More Muscle for Patents

The US Supreme Court overturned an Appeals Court ruling that had been blasted by the biotechnology industry as a major blow to patent protection and intellectual property integrity. It ruled unanimously to strengthen the “doctrine of equivalents” in patent law, making it easier to protect patents and harder to challenge them.


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Survey Says

An analysis of ProteoMonitor survey results suggests that ABI Voyager MALDI-TOFs and Thermo Finnigan LCQ Deca ion traps are currently the most popular mass spec instruments, and that MALDI-TOF/TOFs are at the top of respondents’ wish lists.

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Merger Survival Skills

Overall, the “new” Hewlett-Packard expects to cut its combined staff by 15,000 people, but none of these cuts is expected to hit high-performance technical computing, according to members of the HP “clean team” charged with integrating the HPTC strategies and resources of the two firms.


Find “Former HP, Compaq Execs Hold Post-Merger Powwow to Merge LS Teams” by searching: powwow WEEKLY

Out to Get You

“A small company has to go into [partnership] agreements with a very paranoid attitude. They need to think about every possible way they can get screwed and figure out a solution to these problems.” — Douglas Fambrough, principal at Oxford Biosciences


Find “As Partnerships Pose Peril for Microarray Companies, VC Says It Pays to Be Paranoid” by searching: peril

The Scan

Boosters Chasing Variants

The New York Times reports that an FDA advisory panel is to weigh updated booster vaccines for COVID-19.

Not Yet

The World Health Organization says monkeypox is not yet a global emergency, the Washington Post reports.

More Proposed for Federal Research

Science reports that US House of Representatives panels are seeking to increase federal research funding.

PLOS Papers on Breast Cancer Metastasis, Left-Sided Cardiac Defects, SARS-CoV-2 Monitoring

In PLOS this week: link between breast cancer metastasis and CLIC4, sequencing analysis of left-sided cardiac defects, and more.