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Number Crunch Follow the Funding


Follow the Funding

A look at what various public and non-profit funding agencies spent on genomics research in 2000:

USA (11agencies) total: $627m

NHGRI: 326.39

US Department of Energy: 88.90

National Science foundation: 92.00

Other USA (8): 119.31

Japan (5 agencies) Total: $353m

Science and Technology Agency: 115.43

Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture: 84.40

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: 72.91

Other Japan (2): 79.78

UK (3 agencies) Total: $244m

Wellcome trust: 121.41

Biotechnology and Bio Sci Res Council: 110.09

Imperial Cancer Research Fund: 12.89

Canada (2 agencies) Total:$158m

Genome Canada: 152.54

Canadian Institute for Health Research: 5.93

Germany (2 agencies) Total:$103m

German Microbial Genomes and Proteomics: 80.00

German Human Genome Project: 23.20

Netherlands (1 agency) Total: $60m

Netherlands Genomics Research: 60.00

Sweden (2 agencies) Total:$35m

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation: 35.00

Swedish Medical Research Council: 0.20

China (3 agencies) Total: $14m

Ministry of Science and Technology: 6.64

National Natural Science Foundation: 5.43

National Academy of Sciences 1.81

Russia (1 agency) Total $8m

Russian Genome Program 8.29

Korea (1 agency) Total $8m

Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotech: 8.00

Estonia (1 agency) Total $6.9m

Estonia Genome Foundation: 6.94

Source: World Health Organization, Genomics and World Health


The Scan

Guidelines for Ancient DNA Work

More than two dozen researchers have developed new ethical guidelines for conducting ancient DNA research, which they present in Nature.

And Cleared

A UK regulator has cleared former UK Prime Minister David Cameron in concerns he should have registered as a consultant-lobbyist for his work with Illumina, according to the Financial Times.

Suit Over Allegations

The Boston Globe reports that David Sabatini, who was placed on leave from MIT after allegations of sexual harassment, is suing his accuser, the Whitehead Institute, and the institute's director.

Nature Papers on Esophageal Cancer, Origin of Modern Horses, Exome Sequencing of UK Biobank Participants

In Nature this week: genetic and environmental influences of esophageal cancer, domestic horse origin traced to Western Eurasian steppes, and more.