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Follow the Funding

A look at what various public and non-profit funding agencies spent on genomics research in 2000:

USA (11agencies) total: $627m

NHGRI: 326.39

US Department of Energy: 88.90

National Science foundation: 92.00

Other USA (8): 119.31

Japan (5 agencies) Total: $353m

Science and Technology Agency: 115.43

Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture: 84.40

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: 72.91

Other Japan (2): 79.78

UK (3 agencies) Total: $244m

Wellcome trust: 121.41

Biotechnology and Bio Sci Res Council: 110.09

Imperial Cancer Research Fund: 12.89

Canada (2 agencies) Total:$158m

Genome Canada: 152.54

Canadian Institute for Health Research: 5.93

Germany (2 agencies) Total:$103m

German Microbial Genomes and Proteomics: 80.00

German Human Genome Project: 23.20

Netherlands (1 agency) Total: $60m

Netherlands Genomics Research: 60.00

Sweden (2 agencies) Total:$35m

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation: 35.00

Swedish Medical Research Council: 0.20

China (3 agencies) Total: $14m

Ministry of Science and Technology: 6.64

National Natural Science Foundation: 5.43

National Academy of Sciences 1.81

Russia (1 agency) Total $8m

Russian Genome Program 8.29

Korea (1 agency) Total $8m

Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotech: 8.00

Estonia (1 agency) Total $6.9m

Estonia Genome Foundation: 6.94

Source: World Health Organization, Genomics and World Health


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