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NIST Calls Personalized Medicine a 'Critical National Need,' Seeks Advice for New Funding Programs

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) — The National Institute of Standards and Technology wants genomics, proteomics, and other biomedical researchers to submit ideas about needed advances in personalized medicine, and has asked for white papers detailing these pitches.
The NIST call is part of a new program asking for input on a number of subjects it has deemed “areas of critical national need,” including personalized medicine, and the advice will be used to develop new competitions for funding under its Technology Innovation Program.
In the area of personalized medicine, NIST said in a listing in the Federal Register, researchers could describe needs for advances in genomics and proteomics that could be used to help doctors develop personalized drug treatments and dosages.
NIST is not seeking proposals; it is asking for descriptions of the need and associated societal challenge, why government support is needed, the consequences of inaction, and potential technical solutions.
In its call, NIST said personalized medicine, based on genetic, environmental, and metabolic influences on disease, could be a key to addressing the “trial and error” nature of treatment in the current health care system.
White papers covering personalized medicine could include descriptions of the challenges of cost-effective tools and techniques for genomics and proteomics research, technologies used in identifying biomarkers, drug and vaccine delivery systems, and better methods of integrating and analyzing biological data when it is combined with environmental and patient history information.
Alongside personalized medicine, NIST also sees several other research areas as critical, including civil infrastructure, energy, water supply, manufacturing, nanomaterials and nanotechnology, and sustainable chemistry. It has asked for white papers in those areas as well.
More information about the NIST call for white papers addressing areas of critical national need may be found here

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