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NIH Awards in NC


The Tar Heel State has made a name for itself as a welcoming haven for research, attracting almost $750 million in NIH grant funding this year. The state is home to high-caliber universities and innovative industry (not to mention a striped lighthouse), fostering a fecund environment for genomics and bioinformatics.

To compile the chart below, GT culled NIH’s grants-by-state database to find awards clearly related to disciplines under the systems biology umbrella, and for the sake of space, selected those with the most funding. This list, current as of late August, is not comprehensive.






Sergei Makarov Identification of TLR Signaling Network




Pascal Goldschmidtclermont Comparative Approach to Genomics of Complex Traits
$1,794,134 John York Biological Oscilloscopes Spatio-Temporal Metabolomics


Elwood Linney Center for Environmental Genomics


Margaret Pericakvance An Integrated Genomic Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease


Robert Cook-Deegan Duke Center for the Study of Public Genomics


Howard Rockman Modifier Genes in Heart Failure


Elizabeth Hauser GENECARD - Gene Identification in Early Onset CAD


R. Rand Allingham Genomic Convergence in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma


Joseph Nevins Functional Microarray Facility


John York The Role of Inositol Signaling in Human Disease


Thomas Mitchell Microfluidic PCR Platform to Detect Microbial DNA


Jeffery Vance Genomic Screen To Identify Alzheimer’s Disease Genes


Taoshih Hsieh Function and Mechanism of DNA Topoisomerase


Arno Greenleaf Phosphorylation and Functions of the RNA Polymerase CTD


Paul Modrich Molecular Mechanisms of DNA-Protein Interaction


Joseph Nevins Oncogenic Gene Regulatory Networks




Bruce Weir Statistical and Quantitative Genetics


Robert Anholt Comparative Genomics of Glaucoma




T. Kendell Harden G-protein Signal Integration by Multifunctional Proteins
$1,119,290 Darrel Stafford Structure Function & Genetics of Coagulation Factors


Christoph Borchers Acquisition ¯ Ultra-high Resolution Mass Spectrometer


John Ramsey Nanotechnology for the Structural Interrogation of DNA


Richard Superfine Computer Integrated Systems for Microscopy & Manipulation


Daniel Reed The Carolina Center for Exploratory Genetic Analysis


Aziz Sancar DNA Excision Repair and DNA Damage Checkpoints


Patrick Sullivan Microarrays & Proteomics in MZ Twins Discordant for CFS


Terry Magnuson Allelic Series of Genomic Modifications in ES Cells


David Threadgill Functional Genomics of EGFR in Placental Development


Jack Griffith DNA-Protein Interactions at the Replication Fork


Cynthia Gibas Biophysical Optimization of Oligonucleotide Microarrays


Joseph Ibrahim Biostatistics for Research in Genomics and Cancer


Rihe Liu Identification of Caspase Substrates from Human Proteome


Yi Zhang Histone Methylation in Polycomb Group Gene Silencing


Jason Lieb Genomic Approaches to DNA-binding Specificity In Vivo




Lynne Wagenknecht Genetics of Adiposity and Glucose Homeostasis


Eugene Bleeker Genotype-Phenotype Interactions in Severe Asthma


Michele Sale Genetics of African-American Type 2 Diabetes


Donald Bowden Mapping Genes for NIDDM Nephropathy in African Americans

The Scan

Genes Linked to White-Tailed Jackrabbits' Winter Coat Color Change

Climate change, the researchers noted in Science, may lead to camouflage mismatch and increase predation of white-tailed jackrabbits.

Adenine Base Editor Targets SCID Mutation in New Study

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, report in Cell that adenine base editing was able to produce functional T lymphocytes in a model of severe combined immune deficiency.

Researchers Find Gene Affecting Alkaline Sensitivity in Plants

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Science have found a locus affecting alkaline-salinity sensitivity, which could aid in efforts to improve crop productivity, as they report in Science.

International Team Proposes Checklist for Returning Genomic Research Results

Researchers in the European Journal of Human Genetics present a checklist to guide the return of genomic research results to study participants.