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New Lab & IT Products for Integrated Biology: Mar 1, 2005



Accelrys DS ViewerPro Suite v6

The updated DS ViewerPro v6, a molecular visualization and communication software suite, enables lead design directly inside the active site by including methods for automated and flexible molecular overlay, molecular geometry optimization, conformer generation, and property calculation. Enhancements to DS ViewerPro include a new 2D structure window, list browsing tools, new molecular object support, color mapping, organometallic builders, and the ability to launch executables and scripts from custom menus and toolbars.



Teranode Design Suite 2.5

An enhanced version of its closed-loop R&D platform used to integrate modeling into existing informatics infrastructures, Teranode’s Design Suite 2.5 gives scientists simplified, on-demand access to a comprehensive library of analytic models. New features such as pathway database access, simulation export and performance and user interface improvements extend analytic design automation for scientists with limited programming abilities.


(206) 219-3000



Bio-Rad Bio-Plex Phosphoprotein Assays

Bio-Rad has released six new assays for its Bio-Plex suspension array system. These bead-based multiplex assays (Luminex xMAP technology) combine Bio-Rad’s expertise in bead-based assay development with antibodies exclusively developed and validated by Cell Signaling Technology. The latest additions to the Bio-Plex phosphoprotein detection product line include: phospho-p70 S6 kinase, phospho-p90RSK, phospho-STAT2 and phospho-TrkA, total Akt, and total p90RSK.

Bio-Rad Laboratories


Caliper Life Sciences New Protein Express Assay

Designed for use with the LabChip 90 Automated Electrophoresis System, the Protein Express assay provides many enhancements to Caliper’s previous protein assay, offering customers a three- fold increase in sample throughput and a two-fold increase in sensitivity. The assay offers an automated, microfluidic alternative to the conventional method for sizing and quantification of proteins (SDS-PAGE).

Caliper Life Sciences


Illumina DASL Assay and Cancer Panel for Gene Expression Profiling

The new DASL assay can generate reproducible gene expression profiles from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded samples and other samples containing partially degraded RNAs. The DASL assay enables researchers to measure RNA abundance of over 500 genes in parallel per sample. The assay probes three unique sequences per target gene and PCR amplification is limited to genes of interest, resulting in high specificity and sensitivity when hybridized and detected on Illumina’s Sentrix Arrays. Illumina also released a standard DASL cancer panel.





Genetix ClonePixFL Mammalian Cell Imaging and Picking Instrument

The ClonePixFL enables the selection of cells using quantitative measurements based on the pharmacological properties of affinity and specificity. The mammalian cell imaging picking instrument also adds fluorescent capabilities to the ClonePix’s ability to pick antibody producing clones.



UVP BioDoc-It Gel Documentation System

The BioDoc-It is a stand-alone system with all the components required for image capture, preview, and save capabilities in one unit — no computer is required. Acquire images with the quality monochrome CCD camera, see a live preview of images on the new large 6.4” LCD screen, and save only the images you need to the CompactFlash memory card (TIFF or JPEG formats). The compact darkroom features a unique UV blocking gel viewer, overhead white light, and a sliding tray for easy access to the interchangeable emission filter.





Nanostream Brio Cartridges for microPLC Analysis

Nanostream’s new Brio cartridges are available in a range of stationary phases for greater analyte selectivity. The Brio cartridges, which are inserted into the Veloce micro parallel liquid chromatography (microPLC) system, address a broad class of analytical applications. The Brio 4207 cartridge series, Nanostream’s standard 8cm column cartridge series, is available in a variety of column media including modified C18 for hydrophilic or polar compounds, phenyl and reversed phase C18.



Waters SunFire C8 HPLC Columns

The newest addition to Waters’ SunFire silica-based HPLC chemistries, the reversed-phase SunFire C8 bonded-silica columns provide: outstanding peak shape for improved sensitivity, resolution and quantitation; low pH stability for improved column lifetime; and ultra-low MS bleed and enhanced selectivity which reduces laboratory costs while making method development simpler, faster, and more compatible with MS detection. SunFire columns are available in 3.5, 5, and 10-micron spherical particles in various lengths and internal diameters.




Beckman Coulter Biomek FX ADMETox Workstation

Designed for in vitro drug permeability measurements, the Biomek FX ADMETox workstation automates the PAMPA (Parallel Artificial Membrane Permeability Analysis) method for the determination of passive absorption of a drug candidate through an artificial lipid membrane. The high-throughput system automates pION’s method for PAMPA analysis on Beckman Coulter’s Biomek FX liquid handling system.

Beckman Coulter


Genetix QPExpression Colony Picking and Liquid Handling System

The new QPExpression system supports the multi-day workflow of plasmid transformations, bacterial streaking, colony imaging, picking, tracking, and management, and automates the complete workflow, plating out up to 96 transformation mixes and spreading cells to form single colonies. Following overnight incubation, QPExpression automatically acquires images of the clones derived from each transformation reaction. Using the regional picking software, a user-defined number of colonies from each construct is then picked. Colonies are then dispensed into multiwell plates for QC, sequence verification, protein production, or curation.



PerkinElmer Evolution P3 Microplate Processing Platform

The new Evolution P3 microplate processing platform now features Modular Dispense Technology (MDT), a proprietary technology that enables rapid automated dispense head exchange delivering unparalleled assay performance, breakthrough miniaturization, and significantly improved laboratory productivity.





Exiqon miRCURY Detection Probes

First in a line of miRNA research products, the high-affinity LNA based miRCURY probes for detection of microRNAs in Northern blot and/or in-situ hybridization assays are now available. Pre-validated, pre-designed, and custom miRCURY detection probes are available for all known miRNA in invertebrates, vertebrates, and plants.


+45 45 66 08 88



Agilent Technologies Human Genome CGH Microarray and Analytics Software

Designed to help cancer biologists and cytogeneticists study genomic alterations in cancer, Agilent’s microarray-based CGH product provides genome-wide coverage with an emphasis on the most commonly studied genomic coding regions and cancer-related genes. It includes 40,000 probes that span the human genome with an average spatial resolution of approximately 75 kb, including coding and noncoding sequences. It includes one probe per gene for RefSeq and Genbank Known Genes and three probes for each of approximately 1,100 known cancer genes of importance. Agilent’s CGH analytics software provides a visual environment for exploring array-CGH data.

Agilent Technologies


Panomics Protein/DNA Array with Spin Column Separation

Designed to avoid gel-electrophoresis probe separation, the new protein/DNA array with spin column separation uses a three-step procedure that significantly increases the amount of probe recovered, providing a more sensitive assay that requires much less starting material. The array relies on Panomics’ TranSignal Protein/DNA Array technology.





Bruker BioSpin New CryoProbe

The 400 MHz 5mm DCH CryoProbe, a new probe for Bruker’s Avance 400 NMR spectrometers, is a cryogenically cooled probe designed to improve the signal-to-noise ratio by 300 percent to 400 percent (compared to non-cryogenically cooled probes) for high-resolution liquid applications. The new CryoProbe with Z-gradient delivers over a 10-fold increase in throughput to a 400 MHz NMR system. The probe is optimized for carbon observation and also provides superior proton measurements, and produces a 13C spectrum in only a few minutes, enabling the acquisition of up to 250 spectra per day.

Bruker BioSpin




Stratagene Mx3005P Real-Time PCR System

The new Stratagene Mx3005P RT-PCR system features an advanced design optical system with five customer-selected filters, a custom filter path selection to support FRET chemistry applications, primer/probe design software that is included with instrument purchase, an open platform design that supports all fluorescent dyes and chemistries including Stratagene’s FullVelocity kits, and the comprehensive Fast Track training, support, and service program.


800. 424.5444



Applied Biosystems/MDS Sciex API 5000 LC/MS/MS System

This triple quadrupole mass spectrometer is designed for sensitive and accurate small molecule quantification, which is essential for DMPK1 and ADMET2 studies. The system achieves an average nine-fold increase in sensitivity and four-fold improvement in signal-to-noise ratio over other commercially available systems. The API 5000 system is introduced in conjunction with Analyst 1.4.1 Software, which offers automated features including sampling and data analysis for added ease-of-use and higher throughput.

Applied Biosystems


QIAGEN Qproteome Kit

Designed for purifying and analyzing low-abundance protein species, the Qproteome range of kits is based on spin or gravity-flow columns, and enables fast, standardized fractionation of complex protein matrices for initial purification or preprocessing for PAGE or mass spectroscopic analysis. The kits can also be used to localize or characterize biomarkers in cells grown under different conditions or isolated from different tissues. Easy-to-use kits are available that separate proteins on the basis of glycosylation patterns, their subcellular localization, their affinity to nucleic acids, and their overall solubility.





Agencourt Bioscience Isopure Buccal Cell Genomic Purification Kit

Isopure, a reagent for the purification of genomic DNA from buccal cells, is based on Agencourt’s patented SPRI (Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization) technology. The reagent kit purifies genomic DNA from buccal cells collected either by cheek swab or mouthwash formats for downstream applications such as PCR. The method is available for both tube and 96-well microplate formats and can easily be automated for higher throughput requirements.

Agencourt Bioscience


QIAGEN REPLI-g Kit For Whole Genome DNA Amplification

The REPLI-g kit is compatible with various clinical and non-clinical research samples, including genomic DNA, fresh or dried blood, buffy coat, and tissue culture cells. Typical DNA yields from a REPLI-g Kit reaction are approximately 40 µg per 50 µl reaction. A uniform yield of amplified DNA is usually achieved regardless of the quantity of template DNA, enabling immediate downstream genetic analysis, including SNP genotyping, STR analysis, Southern blotting and RFLP analysis, subcloning, and DNA sequencing.



Sigma GenomePlex Whole Genome Amplification Kit

The GenomePlex whole genome amplification kit, which utilizes a proprietary amplification method designed for robust and accurate amplification of limited source DNA, can amplify nanogram amounts of starting DNA, regardless of source, into microgram yields in less than three hours. The new GenomePlex kit is sufficient for 50 reactions and recommended to be used with Sigma’s JumpStart Taq DNA Polymerase.




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