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New Lab & IT Products for Integrated Biology: Mar 1, 2006

AlleleID, version 2.00
AlleleID helps design microarrays and qPCR diagnostic assays for rapid detection of pathogens or bacteria. Typical applications include environmental monitoring, prevention/control of infectious diseases, development of surveillance tests, and biodiversity studies.
Premier Biosoft International

Unleashed Informatics has launched DogRun, a Blast and generalized production application environment designed to perform computationally intensive operations using the data contained on its flagship data warehouse product, DogBox.
Unleashed Informatics

Biobase has launched its new analysis software ExPlain, which facilitates systems biology knowledge for the analysis of expression data. ExPlain’s software system combines the traditional downstream approach with upstream analysis, enabling researchers to identify causes of specific gene expression events.

Pathway Architect
Stratagene has launched PathwayArchitect Software —  the next-generation systems biology-focused pathway analysis software. With its easy to use biology-focused workflow and a vast database of over 1 million biological interactions, the PathwayArchitect software is designed with the life scientist in mind. The software also features a new method to explore biological interactions — the Relevance Interaction Network. Relevance Interaction Network analysis begins with a protein list and identifies the network of proteins and small molecules which are most statistically related to the biology of the protein list. This algorithm makes it possible to easily identify binding complexes, transcriptional regulation networks, and even small molecules that regulate the biology of a group of proteins.

Agilent 6000 Series LC/MS portfolio
Agilent Technologies has introduced an entire portfolio of chromatography-based mass spectrometry (LC/MS) systems. The Agilent 6000 Series will include five classes of instruments, including the company’s first triple quadrupole (triple quad) and quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometers. The 6000 Series also includes improved versions of Agilent’s single quadrupole, ion trap, and time-of-flight mass spectrometers.
Agilent Technologies

Qiagen has launched new chips for increased sensitivity and throughput in MALDI-MS peptide and protein analysis. Functionalized hydrophobic surfaces on Mass·Spec·Focus Chips enable large sample volumes to be loaded, concentrated, and processed in situ, minimizing sample loss and maximizing signals. Mass·Spec·Turbo Chips contain up to 1,600 pre-spotted matrix spots enabling high-throughput analysis of liquid chromatography fractions and 2D-PAGE gels in biomarker identification. For phosphorylation mapping, Mass·Spec·Focus IMAC Chips offer on-chip purification and concentration of phosphopeptides. Mass·Spec·Focus Desalting Chips provide efficient on-chip cleanup and concentration of peptide samples, e.g., from tryptic digests. The highly homogenous matrix spots on Mass·Spec·Turbo Chips are easily loaded using automatic sample spotters or microfraction collectors. Direct application of sample onto matrix spots streamlines the MALDI-MS process by reducing handling and minimizes the chance of sample loss.

QStar Elite LC/MS/MS System
Applied Biosystems, together with its joint venture partner MDS Sciex, has introduced the QStar Elite LC/MS/MS System, a new quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer designed for proteomics and metabolomics researchers discovering protein and small molecule biomarkers from complex biological samples. The QStar Elite LC/MS/MS System provides improved sensitivity and speed of acquisition as well as resolution, dynamic range, and mass measurement accuracy, over previous technology for greater depth of analyte coverage and more confident identification of potential biomarkers.
Applied Biosystems

Dual-Mode Gene Expression Microarray Platform
Agilent Technologies has launched the industry’s first dual-mode, one-color/two-color microarray platform, offering researchers unprecedented flexibility and performance for gene expression research. The dual-mode microarrays can be used for either one-color or two-color experiments to match researchers’ requirements.
Agilent Technologies

Nexterion HiSens
Schott has launched the next generation of microarray slides: Nexterion HiSens (High Sensitivity). These slides increase the signal-to-noise ratios of microarray experiments by over eight times and were developed using the company’s optical coating technology.

Sentrix HumanHap300 Genotyping BeadChip
Illumina announces the Sentrix HumanHap300 Genotyping BeadChip. Each BeadChip analyzes over 317,000 high-value SNP loci per sample. Content is derived principally from tagSNPs identified and validated in the International HapMap Project. The new BeadChip offers the most comprehensive genomic coverage and highest data quality of any product currently available and is expected to become an important discovery tool for researchers seeking to understand the genetic basis of common yet complex diseases.

ElectroSNAP is a proprietary acrylamide buffer blend that is a convenient solution to everyday Poly Acrylamide Gel Electrophoresis of small size DNA and RNA (>20bp). The product is used in the preparation of polyacrylamide gels, which can then be used in routine analysis of PCR products, for monitoring nuclease and ligase reactions, and for the chemical modification of oligos, analysis, and small-scale purification of nucleotide from mixtures of oligonucleotides. It can also be used to monitor the purity and breakdown of DNA labeled and unlabeled primers, probes, etc.

MessageBooster cDNA Synthesis Kit
The MessageBooster cDNA Synthesis Kit for qPCR greatly improves qRT-PCR sensitivity of low-abundance transcripts from as little as one cell. A MessageBooster reaction amplifies the Poly(A) RNA in total RNA from one to 50 cells and then converts the amplified RNA to cDNA that is ready for qPCR. The MessageBooster process utilizes a linear RNA amplification process that maintains the gene expression profile of the sample.
Epicentre Biotechnologies
PfuUltra II Fusion HS DNA Polymerase and Herculase II Fusion DNA Polymerase
Stratagene has launched PfuUltra  II Fusion HS DNA Polymerase and Herculase II Fusion DNA Polymerase. This new generation of high-fidelity fusion DNA polymerases delivers significant improvements such as superior yield, reliability, and faster overall run times compared to traditional high-fidelity enzymes.

StrataClone PCR Cloning Kit
StrataClone PCR Cloning Kit features DNA topoisomerase I and Cre recombinase technologies. It provides efficient cloning of long and short amplicons. Features include easy, efficient cloning of long and short amplicons; three step protocol with short, 5-minute room temperature ligation; high efficiency yields >95% clones with insert; and StrataClone SoloPack competent cells. It does not require specially designed primers or involve gel purification or post-PCR modifications. Other features include T7 and T3 promoters for screening, in vitro RNA transcription, and sequencing, as well as Eco RI sites flanking the multiple cloning site for easy excision of inserts.

Taq Full DNA Polymerase
The new Taq Full DNA polymerase offers superior performance in a full-length Taq. Taq Full DNA polymerase has been optimized for exceptional sensitivity and robust yields, allowing you to amplify from any DNA template, including rare ones. The new polymerase can be used for both routine and specialized PCR applications, including genotyping, RT-PCR, and primer extension, as well as for a wide range of templates, including bacterial and plasmid DNA, cDNA, and complex genomic DNA.
Clontech Laboratories

Clontech Antibody Array Nanoscale Buffer Kit
The Clontech Antibody Array Nanoscale Buffer Kit is designed for those who have limited amounts of sample and want to assay hundreds of cellular proteins in a single experiment. The kit offers a gentle, nondenaturing method for preparing total protein extract from extremely limited samples, including fine needle aspirate, serum, tissue, and as few as 1,000 cells.
Clontech Laboratories

Human Validated Kinase siRNA and Human Whole Genome siRNA
Qiagen has launched the first-ever functionally tested set of siRNAs targeting human kinase genes. SiRNAs in the Human Validated Kinase siRNA SetV1.0 have been experimentally verified by stringent real-time RT-PCR analysis to provide at least 70 percent target gene knockdown. Qiagen has also launched human Genome siRNA V1.0. This comprehensive set comprises siRNAs targeting about 22,000 human genes. Innovative and unique design features, flexible formatting options, and full sequence disclosure make this set a powerful and valuable tool for drug discovery and functional genomics.

Biomek 3000-ArrayPlex Workstation
The Biomek 3000-ArrayPlex Workstation is a robust, affordable RNA preparation solution for gene expression arrays. This new workstation is an evolution of the higher-throughput Biomek FX ArrayPlex application, developed with Affymetrix for GeneChip customers. That validated, proven automation technology is now offered in the smaller-footprint Biomek 3000-based system. With built-in robustness that ensures high and clean yields, the new workstation is offered at a lower cost than other options on the market. The new Biomek 3000-ArrayPlex Workstation, which includes validated methods, processes between one and 96 samples in a single run with minimal user intervention.
Beckman Coulter

GenVault Desktop Archive
GenVault has launched the new GenVault Desktop Archive, a small, stand-alone storage module for up to one hundred GenPlates.  A GenPlate is a 384-well plate system for room temperature, dry state storage of DNA that eliminates the need for cryostorage and the risk of sample degradation from repeated freeze-thaw cycles. The Desktop Archive is compatible with all GenPlate formats and has approximately the same sample aliquot capacity as a traditional freezer in about one-tenth the space. With a maximum storage capacity of up to 1,200 samples or 38,400 aliquots in just over two cubic feet, the archive enables efficient storage of DNA and maximizes DNA retrieval by allowing researchers to create aliquot sizes matched to analysis needs.

mRNA Catcher Plus Kit
Invitrogen has launched the mRNA Catcher Plus Kit, which enables high-throughput purification of mRNA from cells, tissue, blood, and total RNA in a 96-well format. By taking advantage of Locked Nucleic Acid technology, the mRNA Catcher Plus Kit provides a fast protocol and improved performance while preserving mRNA yield and purity. In the mRNA Catcher Plus Kit, mRNA from total RNA, cells, tissue, and blood samples is hybridized to an immobilized, single-stranded oligo(dT) 20-mer containing LNA technology. The incorporation of LNA into the oligo probe increases the hybridization efficiency and specificity of mRNA binding. This leads to faster protocol times and improved performance as indicated by lower
Ct values in qRT-PCR analysis.

NanoQuot Microplate Dispenser
BioTek Instruments has introduced the NanoQuot Microplate Dispenser, an affordable low-volume liquid dispensing solution for the life science research and drug discovery markets. Sub-microliter dispensing offers scientists increased assay throughput and lower reagent expenses. The NanoQuot dispenses these volumes down to 0.1 microliters precisely and accurately into 96-, 384- and 1,536-well microplates.  
BioTek Instruments

Plasmid-Safe ATP-Dependent DNase
Plasmid-Safe ATP-Dependent DNase provides a fast and easy method for the removal of bacterial genomic DNA from vector preparations. This unique ATP-dependent DNAse selectively digests linear double-stranded DNA but has no activity on nicked, closed circular dsDNA or supercoiled DNA. Use it as a final purification step when preparing cloning vectors and avoid ligating contaminating DNA fragments that can result in false positives and high backgrounds.
Epicentre Biotechnologies

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