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New Lab & IT Products for Integrated Biology: Sep 1, 2005



Qiagen BioRobot Universal System

The new BioRobot Universal System is a complete automated solution for systems biology, providing the widest range of ready-to-run applications in 96-well format on one instrument. Fully automated protocols for the purification of DNA and RNA, and PCR and RT-PCR setup are now available, with protein and sequencing applications available soon. The BioRobot Universal System enables fully automated purification of highly pure RNA from a range of sample types including blood, tissues, and cells plus RT-PCR setup in 96-well format. The system also enables purification of high-quality genomic DNA from up to 192 buccal swab samples and reliable and flexible PCR setup in 96-well format.



Kodak Molecular Imaging Software 4.0

Eastman Kodak Company announces the availability of KODAK Molecular Imaging Software, version 4.0 (MI 4.0) for acquisition, quantitative analysis, manipulation, and databasing of scientific images. KODAK MI 4.0 software’s enhanced Region of Interest definition and analysis tools include a Magic Wand tool, peak finder algorithm, ROI mass standards, and the ability to define and analyze multiple ROI sets on a single image. A new multiple lane set feature facilitates analysis of high capacity gel formats. A new image database allows archival of image projects and convenient search and retrieval capability using a variety of project attributes including key words, user, time and date, standards, and more.

Version 4.0 is available now for Windows 2000, XP, and Macintosh OSX platforms.

Eastman Kodak

PerkinElmer TurboMass software version 5.2

PerkinElmer announced the release of version 5.2 of its TurboMass software for its Clarus 500, TurboMass, and TurboMass Gold series of gas chromatograph/mass spectrometers (GC/MS). TurboMass 5.2 GC/MS software provides sophisticated instrument control, data handling, and reporting options that are flexible and easy to use for maximum results. Building on a software platform ideal for forensic, research, and chemical laboratories, TurboMass 5.2 software adds features to facilitate more productive operation in environmental laboratories, such as a custom compound list capability that allows operators to run a full batch of samples and select which compounds are to be reported to each individual client.



Tripos Benchware

Benchware, a new laboratory informatics product suite from Tripos, was developed in response to customer demand for more intuitive and scientifically robust predictive chemistry, scientific planning, and collaboration applications designed for laboratory scientists. Benchware includes 3D Explorer for chemical visualization and decision support capabilities; HTS DataMiner for the location, definition, and prioritization of prospective lead series from screening data sets of any size; LibraryMaker, a range of features for rapidly enumerating parallel compound libraries as well as very large virtual combinatorial libraries; and LibraryDesigner, which helps laboratory chemists decide which reactants to use when making parallel compound libraries as well as very large virtual combinatorial libraries.


Microarrays/gene expression

GCK-RNA QC Gel Cartridge Kit

Designed for the eGene HDA-GT12 Genetic Analyzer, this kit performs RNA sample quality check prior to gene expression analyses. The GCK-RNA QC Gel Cartridge Kit is recommended for checking the quality of total RNA, poly A RNA, cRNA, cDNA and fragmented RNA or fragmented cDNA prior to the northern blots, real-time PCR, microarray and microchip hybridization assays as well as for cDNA library constructions.


Sigma Panorama Ab Microarray — MAPK & PKC Pathways Kit

Sigma launches its Panorama Ab Microarray — MAPK & PKC Pathways Kit, a new antibody array for identifying Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK) and Protein Kinase C (PKC) expression in cell or protein extracts. The kit is designed for studying protein expression in cell or tissue extracts and is compatible with various species including human, mouse, and rat. Each antibody array contains 84 antibodies spotted in 12 subarrays containing duplicate spots of antibodies, positive control spot for Cy3 and Cy5, and a negative control.



Arabidopsis and Drosophila TaqMan Gene Expression Assays

Applied Biosystems has expanded its TaqMan genomic assays for real-time PCR gene expression analysis to include Arabidopsis and Drosophila. The new assays consist of ready-to-use probe and primer sets that are now available through the Applied Biosystems website. The Arabidopsis assay includes 95,000 assays for approximately 26,000 genes, while the Drosophila assay includes 38,000 assays for approximately 13,000 genes, designed around the well-characterized transcripts in the NCBI Reference Sequence Project database. The new assays run on Applied Biosystems’ real-time PCR systems, including the 7300, 7500, and 7900HT Systems, and complement the extensive collection of more than 500,000 gene expression assays.

Applied Biosystems

QuantiTect Primer Assays

These are validated, genome-wide primer sets that provide highly specific and sensitive results in SYBR Green based real-time RT-PCR. The assays are ideal for gene expression analysis applications, such as validation of RNAi or of microarray results. QuantiTect Primer Assays eliminate the need to develop and validate a real-time RT-PCR assay. When used with QuantiTect SYBR Green Kits (master mixes for two-step or one-step RT-PCR), QuantiTect Primer Assays often give lower CT values compared with probe-based assays.



Hypersil GOLD C8, CN, and PFP Columns

Thermo Electron introduces three new phases in its Hypersil GOLD HPLC Columns. Hypersil GOLD C8 columns offer similar selectivity to the Hypersil GOLD C18 columns, but with less retention, increasing the speed of analyses where resolution is not critical. Hypersil GOLD CN columns are packed in reversed phase solvents, but can also be used in normal phase chromatography to offer different selectivity. The fluorine groups in Hypersil GOLD PFP (perfluorophenyl) columns can cause significant changes in the solute-stationary phase interactions, offering the potential for highly selective analyses of chlorinated and fluorinated compounds. Hypersil GOLD C8, CN, and PFP columns are available in a 5 µm particle size, and in a range of analytical geometries from 20 mm to 250 mm length, and 2.1 to 4.6 mm ID.

Thermo Electron

Sample Prep

HiTrap Butyl-S FF Prepacked Columns

GE Healthcare introduces HiTrap Butyl-S FF (1 ml and 5 ml) prepacked columns to meet the growing need for pure proteins in both research and process development. These new columns enable convenient purification or removal of highly hydrophobic proteins. HiTrap Butyl-S FF is prepacked with Butyl-S Sepharose 6 Fast Flow, a hydrophobic chromatographic medium designed for purification of relatively strong hydrophobic molecules at low salt concentrations. The matrix Butyl-S Sepharose 6 Fast Flow is based on cross-linked agarose with a butyl ligand containing a sulfur atom, which means the ligand density can be accurately measured to secure reproducible production of the media.

GE Healthcare

PowerMax Soil DNA Kit

Mo Bio Laboratories introduces the PowerMax Soil DNA Kit for large-scale DNA isolation from soil. This kit uses proprietary technology to isolate DNA from up to 10 grams of almost any soil type. The DNA yields are very high and ultra clean. Total DNA is free from inhibitors that could affect RT PCR. Each kit is ready to use and includes all required reagents.

Mo Bio Laboratories

NUNC Rectangular Dishes

NUNC’s new Rectangular Dishes, available in 1-, 4-, and

8-well formats, provide researchers with increased applications in molecular biology, cell culture, and microarrays. The 1-Well NUNC Rectangular Dishes are designed in a convenient format, especially for use in high-throughput screening petri dish applications. The NUNC 4- and 8-Well Rectangular Dishes can be used in a wide range of applications in cell culture, including scale-up and cloning. The multi-well format is also convenient for preparing probes for multiple gene subsets, or washing Western blot strips.



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