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New Lab & IT Products for Integrated Biology: Jun 1, 2005



SciTegic Sequence Analysis Collection for Pipeline Pilot

Designed for use with SciTegic’s Pipeline Pilot data pipelining software, the Sequence Analysis Collection makes it possible to analyze, annotate, and compare biological sequences in an environment where modular tools can be linked together effortlessly to create practical bioinformatics routines.



Thermo Electron BioWorks 3.2 Protein Identification Software Suite

BioWorks, which utilizes the SEQUEST algorithm for searching protein databases, now features probability-based scoring to complement traditional SEQUEST scores. A new unified search results file format to speed up data analysis as well as support for accurate mass searching is also part of this new package. The XPRESS stable isotope quantitation algorithm and the protein area/height calculation have also been considerably improved.

Thermo Electron




BioGenex Xmatrx Cell and Tissue Staining System

The Xmatrx system is designed to automate all assay steps required to perform Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH), In Situ Hybridization (ISH), and Immunohistochemistry (IHC), including the application of cover-slip, resulting in a completely finished slide that is ready to go directly on a microscope for review or on a BioGenex GenoMx VISION for digital image analysis.

BioGenex Laboratories


Princeton Instruments/Acton Research MicroSpec Spectrometer

The MicroSpec series of imaging spectrometers provides research microscopists with the greatest variability of spectral range and resolution, enabling unrestricted spectral studies of biological and materials science samples. Unlike fixed optical modules that limit flexibility, MicroSpec offers a variety of interchangeable wavelength-dispersion modules (standard and custom) and an entrance aperture, all of which can be computer-controlled to allow automated selection of spectral range and resolution over your CCD.

Princeton Instruments/Acton Research




Scientific Software/Labtronics LimsLink for OpenLAB

LimsLink for OpenLAB, a connectivity module integrating OpenLAB to LimsLink, provides an off-the-shelf solution for integrating third party LIMS systems to SSI’s OpenLAB Laboratory Software Framework. The software allows over 30 different commercial LIMS systems from different LIMS vendors to be integrated into the OpenLAB framework.





Beckman Coulter BRT Robotic Transport

For use with Beckman’s Biomek series liquid handling systems and assay workstations, the BRT robotic transport moves plates between devices, including those that are off the Biomek deck, allowing the automation of more parts of a biological process. While the Biomek liquid handler’s gripper transports plates on the workstation deck, the additional transport can move plates from the deck to and from devices such as incubators and plate readers.

Beckman Coulter


Genevac miVac Centrifugal Concentrator

miVac systems will allow scientists working with DNA, RNA, peptides, oligonucleotides, and proteins to safely and swiftly concentrate or dry their samples. In addition, a refrigerated cold trap will be available as an add-on unit for miVac concentrators to speed concentration and recover waste solvent.



Matrix Technologies 500µl TrakMate Tubes and Latch Racks

A new 500µl 2D Barcoded Sample storage tube and rack system is now available from Matrix Technologies. A permanent, unique 2D barcode is laser etched on the bottom of each tube. The new 500µl storage tube has a maximum working volume of 300µl and features a “v” bottom design for maximum sample recovery.

Matrix Technologies




Affymetrix GeneChip Globin-Reduction Kits

Developed in conjunction with PreAnalytiX, the new Affymetrix GeneChip globin-reduction kits are designed to optimize the PreAnalytiX PAXgene Blood RNA System for use with Affymetrix GeneChip technology and improve gene expression profile results of cellular RNA extracted from whole blood.



Insightful S+ArrayAnalyzer 2.1

Developed for use with S-PLUS 7, S+ArrayAnalyzer 2.1 is a statistically robust and highly adaptable microarray analysis software product. In combination with new S-PLUS 7 scalability improvements, S+Array-Analyzer now handles differential expression and class discovery/prediction analyses of large, high-throughput microarray experiments.



SciGene Little Dipper Microarray Processing System

The new Little Dipper microarray processing system completely automates the multitude of steps used for processing spotted microarrays after hybridization. The system consists of a programmable rotary robotic arm that moves racks of arrays through five temperature-controlled baths and into an integral centrifuge for drying, and integrates with SciGene’s Hybex Microarray Incubation System.



Whatman Schleicher & Schuell FAST Macro Cytokine Microarray Kits

The new FAST Macro membrane-based cytokine microarray kits, available with both human and mouse specificities, are used to simultaneously evaluate the relative abundance of 20 different cytokines between different biological samples, such as disease state versus normal state. Detection is accomplished using streptavidin/HRP-based chemiluminescent detection, precluding the need for expensive scanners and software.

Whatman Schleicher & Schuell




Porvair Sciences 384-well Thermal Cycler Plates

Designed for high-throughput PCR assays, the new plates are compatible with the majority of 384-block PCR and sequencing instruments. To ensure full compatibility with robotic systems, the 384-well thermal cycler plates offer a full plate skirt and high rigidity to minimize distortion before and after thermal cycling. A working well volume of only 30 microliters means that plates are also highly economical on valuable samples.

Porvair Sciences

+ 44 1932 240255

QIAGEN QuantiTect Reverse Transcription Kit

The QuantiTect reverse transcription kit from Qiagen requires only 20 minutes to synthesize first-strand cDNA and eliminate genomic DNA contamination. cDNA yields are high, allowing sensitive detection of even low-abundance genes in real-time, two-step RT-PCR.



Stratagene AccuScript High Fidelity Reverse Transcriptase Products

Stratagene’s new AccuScript high fidelity reverse transcriptase is more than three-fold more accurate than leading reverse transcriptases. This new MMLV-based RT provides dramatically improved cDNA synthesis accuracy while promoting full-length cDNA synthesis, high yield in RT-PCR and superior RT-PCR performance.


800. 424.5444



Agilent Technologies 1100 Series LC/MSD Trap XCT Ultra

The Agilent 1100 Series LC/MSD Trap XCT Ultra offers significantly improved scan cycle times, enabling collection of mass spectra at rates up to three times faster than its predecessors. The instrument, which is based on an advanced multipole ion trap technology, has a full-scan MS/MS sensitivity specification of 250 femtograms for reserpine. The system also has two new data-dependent neutral-loss analysis modes that provide enhanced data quality for analysis of phosphopeptides and glycopeptides.

Agilent Technologies


Expression Pathology Liquid Tissue MS Protein Prep Kit

EPI’s new patent pending Liquid Tissue MS Protein Prep Kit allows you to extract total protein directly from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue for mass spectrometry analyses across a number of different MS platforms. Results compare very favorably with results reported with other biological samples. A detection range has been demonstrated of several hundred to over 1,000 proteins in a single experiment from FFPE tissue.

Expression Pathology


Sigma Custom AQUA Peptides

Designed for use with Protein-AQUA quantitative proteomics, the custom AQUA peptides enable ultrasensitive absolute protein quantitation using stable isotope labeled peptides and mass spectrometry. Custom AQUA peptides are synthesized using fully labeled 98 atom % 13C and 98 atom % 15N enriched amino acids (one labeled amino acid per peptide) and are stringently tested to ensure high purity (HPLC), accurate molecular weight (MALDI-TOF MS), and specific peptide content.



Stratagene InterPlay Mammalian TAP System

The InterPlay mammalian TAP system allows researchers to recover interacting proteins from mammalian cells. The novel method is based on expression of a protein of interest fused to two affinity tags: a streptavidin binding peptide (SBP) and a calmodulin binding peptide (CBP). Tandem affinity purification yields your tagged protein and interacting proteins using gentle washing and small molecule elution conditions.


800. 424.5444



DNA 2.0 RNAissance Synthetic Genes

This new set of 20,000 RNAi-resistant synthetic human genes provides a simple and rapid way to ensure that the correct gene target is identified using RNAi. The genes are designed to escape silencing, complementing wild-type function, and can quickly demonstrate whether observed siRNA effects are specific to inhibition of the target gene.

DNA 2.0


Dharmacon siARRAY RTF siRNA Libraries

The new siARRAY RTF siRNA Libraries allow researchers to screen RNAi libraries rapidly, easily, and at much lower cost than traditional methods. The siARRAY RTF siRNA Libraries are designed for the effective delivery of siRNA to mammalian cells in a high-throughput screening, reverse-transfection format for the study of entire gene families or regulatory pathways. The product format is currently available for 26 different siRNA libraries.




QIAGEN GeneGlobe Database

The GeneGlobe database comprises the first and largest collection of matching solutions for RNAi and gene expression analysis covering the entire human, mouse, and rat genomes. More than 70,000 predesigned siRNAs and validated, ready-to-use SYBR Green based qRT-PCR assays can be sourced from the easy-to-navigate, searchable database.




AutoGenprep 245 RNA Isolation System

The AutoGenprep 245 is a fully automated, self-contained robotic system for the isolation of total RNA from animal tissue and cultured cells. This new benchtop instrument is specially designed for your lower volume extraction needs, processing up to 24 samples in approximately 3.5 hours.



QIAGEN FastLane Cell cDNA Kit

The FastLane cell cDNA kit integrates rapid cell lysis, immediate RNA stabilization, elimination of genomic DNA, and efficient and sensitive reverse transcription. The simple workflow makes the kit ideal for applications such as validation of siRNA-mediated gene knockdown or snapshot analysis of gene expression in cells under different conditions.



Whatman EasyClone 384 Plate

The new EasyClone 384 plate from Whatman is designed for the archiving, shipping, and purifying of clones at room temperature, thereby eliminating the need for freezers and clone processing steps. The product consists of a 384-well storage and extraction plate with a pierceable foil bottom and FTA disks pre-cut into each well.





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