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New Lab & IT Products for Integrated Biology: Apr 1, 2004



Accelrys INSIGHT II 2000.3L

Insight II 2000.3L is the first release of Insight II on Linux. Insight II 2000.3L is certified on Red Hat Linux WS 2.1 and NVidia Quadro4 980 XGL graphics cards using NVidia Linux drivers. Select modules may also be run on IBM AIX servers. Insight II is a 3D graphical environment for molecular modeling.



Bruker BioSciences Proteomics Research Information Management System

The new Proteomics RIMS bioinformatics suite combines and integrates proteomics data, information and knowledge from complementary mass spectrometry and x-ray crystallography technologies. Proteomics RIMS also provides access to proteomic interaction and structural data and information generated by NMR (in collaboration with Bruker BioSpin).

Bruker BioSciences


Genedata Expressionist Pro

Expressionist Pro is a scalable computational system designed for the side-by-side analysis of transcriptomics and proteomics data. The system, an all-in-one software system based on Genedata’s Expressionist and Impressionist software, provides integrated modules optimized for automated quality assessment and data mining of transcriptomics and proteomics data generated by microarrays, protein arrays, gels, and mass spectrometry.



Geospiza Finch Sequencing Center, 64-bit PowerPC version

Geospiza’s Finch sequencing center is now available in a software/hardware bundle with the Power Mac G5 dual-processor computer. The Web-based Finch system links management of DNA sequencing orders and laboratory workflow with bioinformatics and data visualization tools.



Geospiza Finch Trace Viewer

The Finch Trace Viewer, or FinchTV, is a freely available software utility for viewing DNA sequencing chromatogram files. The application reads the common AB1 and SCF sequencing formats while providing interoperability across the Windows, Linux, and Macintosh OS X operating systems.



Spotfire Updated DecisionSite Software

The new version of DecisionSite includes extended deployment support for Sun Java System Portal Server, Java System Directory Server and IBM Websphere. In addition, the newly integrated Ontology Browser enables researchers to visualize genes within the gene ontology hierarchy.




OriGene Nuclear Hormone Receptor CloneSet

The nuclear hormone receptor CloneSet, a subset of 70 full-length nuclear hormone receptor cDNA clones, is the latest addition to OriGene’s TrueClone cDNA collection.

OriGene Technologies


Promega PowerPlex Y System

The PowerPlex Y system is a short tandem repeat product designed to specifically target male DNA. The assay allows the co-amplification and three-color detection of 12 Y-STR loci in a single reaction.



Sigma Glycoprotein Analysis Kits

A new line of glycoprotein analysis kits are designed for chemical and enzymatic deglycosylation and fluorescent glycan labeling. The new products include the GlycoProfile I in-gel enzymatic deglycosylation kit, the GlycoProfile II in-solution enzymatic deglycosylation kit, the GlycoProfile III fluorescent labeling kit, and the Glyco-Profile IV chemical deglycosylation kit.



Stratagene Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Detection Kit

The new Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Detection kit detects a loss in membrane potential, an early indicator of the initiation of cellular apoptosis, by detecting the fluorescence of a unique dye, JC-1. Cells can be analyzed by flow cytometry, fluorescence plate reading, or fluorescence microscopy.




Amersham Biosciences Updated ImageMaster Platinum 5.0 Gel Image Analysis System

The updated ImageMaster Platinum 5.0 software for 2-D electrophoresis gel image analysis includes new spot detection and matching algorithms for extracting statistically valid differences between groups of 2-D gels. The software is also integrated with LabScan 5.0, a 2-D gel scanning tool that enables seamless transfer of images to ImageMaster Platinum 5.0.

Amersham Biosciences


PerkinElmer ProXPRESS 2D Proteomic Imaging System

The ProXPRESS 2D imaging system, which features a new, enhanced high-speed CCD-based imaging camera, is designed for identifying and quantifying low-abundance and hard-to-see proteins in gels. The new imaging system also incorporates PerkinElmer’s ProSCAN Image Acquisition Software for automating spot acquisition and uses ProFINDER 2D Gel Analysis software for image analysis and quantification.




Thermo Electron Updated Nautilus LIMS

The latest version of Thermo’s Nautilus LIMS includes a new Web browser interface and XML processing capabilities.

Thermo Electron



Caliper Life Sciences LabChip 3000 Drug Discovery System

The LabChip 3000 Drug Discovery System is an updated version of the Caliper 250 system. The new system is approximately one-third the size of a Caliper 250 system and more affordably priced. The automated system performs unattended biochemical and cell-based screening assays using Caliper’s microfluidic chips, which screen for target classes including kinases, phosphatases, proteases, and GPCRs.

Caliper Life Sciences


Molecular Devices AquaMax DW4 Liquid Handling System

The AquaMax DW4, which integrates four-fluid dispensing and washing into one instrument, can handle 1536-well washing, as well as 96- and 384-well low-volume formats. Windows-compatible software allows the user to program multiple dispense and wash procedures.

Molecular Devices



BioMicro Systems MAUI Mixer DC Dual Hybridization Chamber

The MAUI Mixer DC, a new dual hybridization chamber, is designed to allow two independent arrays to be processed simultaneously on a single 1” x 3” glass slide. Each MAUI Mixer DC accommodates two 20 mm x 22.5 mm arrays using only 20 microliters of buffer for each array.

BioMicro Systems



Applied Biosystems 7300 Real-Time PCR and 7500 Real-Time PCR Systems

Designed for low-throughput gene expression analysis, pathogen quantitation and SNP genotyping, the Applied Biosystems 7300 Real-Time PCR and 7500 Real-Time PCR systems combine thermal cycling, fluorescence detection, and application-specific software. Both systems include software with new plate set-up wizards to guide experimental set-up, and automated analysis tools to simplify data processing and visualization. The 7500 model is a more versatile platform that provides enhanced dye detection capabilities.

Applied Biosystems



Agilent Technologies 1100 Series Liquid Chromatography Micro Collection/Spotting System

The new 1100 Series LC micro collection/spotting system is a software-controlled separation solution for proteomics that features direct spotting on matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry (MALDI-MS) targets. The system also accommodates multidimensional separations and enables separation of small sample amounts at low flow rates.

Agilent Technologies


Nanostream Veloce Micro Parallel Liquid Chromatography System

The Veloce system enables 24 simultaneous separations and real-time UV detection. The system includes the 24-column Brio cartridge, which enables multiple samples to be analyzed in parallel. The cartridge incorporates 24 columns packed with standard (C-18) stationary phase material to achieve reverse phase separations.




Benitec siStrike Vectors

Developed by Promega using Benitec’s DNA-directed RNA interference (ddRNAi) technology, the siStrike product line uses a series of linearized delivery vectors designed to clone hairpin target sequences. The vectors contain antibiotic markers for selecting only those cells that have been successfully transfected, and also allow for long-term suppression of the desired RNA target in human cells.


+61 (7) 3217 8540

Dharmacon siGENOME Whole Genome siRNA Collection

Dharmacon’s siGENOME siRNA collection includes SMARTpool siRNA reagents and individual SMARTselection-designed siRNA duplexes that target more than 22,000 human genes in the NCBI RefSeq database. Under standard cell culture conditions, SMARTpool siRNA reagents are guaranteed to silence target gene expression at the mRNA level by at least 75 percent.



QIAGEN 2-for-Silencing siRNA Duplexes

Designed for gene silencing, 2-for-Silencing siRNAs consist of two siRNA duplexes, custom designed by QIAGEN to target a gene of choice. The HiPerformance design algorithm, licensed from Novartis, ensures guaranteed knockdown of the target gene with at least one of the two duplexes supplied. 2-for-Silencing siRNA Duplexes are delivered as 20 nmol of high-performance purity-grade siRNA.




Amersham Biosciences AKTAxpress Protein Purification System

Designed for applications in structural genomics, the AKTAxpress system is a fully integrated protein purification system for delivering automated, high-throughput, multi-step purification of His- and GST-tagged proteins. AKTAxpress accepts multiple samples to provide high throughput: researchers can purify eight proteins in one day using a four-step protocol, or 16 samples overnight using a two-step protocol.

Amersham Biosciences


Amersham Biosciences Glutathione Sepharose High Performance GST-tagged Protein Separation Medium

Glutathione Sepharose High Performance consists of highly cross-linked 34 µm agarose beads to which glutathione has been immobilized. The resulting medium selectively retains GST-tagged recombinant proteins, allowing them to be purified from cellular contaminants in a simple one-step purification. The medium will be available in lab packs of 25 ml and 100 ml, as well as pre-packed GSTrap HP 1 ml and 5 ml columns.

Amersham Biosciences


BD Biosciences Clontech Updated Adeno-X Virus Purification Kits

The chromatography-based Adeno-X virus purification kits now include benzonase for digestion of cellular nucleic acids. In addition, the filtration apparatus comes pre-assembled for ease-of-use. Using the disposable membrane cartridge, adenoviral particles can be purified from crude cell lysate and supernatant in less than 3 hours, without ultra centrifugation.

BD Biosciences Clontech


BD Biosciences Clontech Supercharge EZ10 Electrocompetent Cells

Designed especially for use with large constructs such as adenoviral vectors, BD’s Supercharge EZ10 electrocompetent cells provide a transformation efficiency of 1010 transformants/ µg pUC19. Each tube contains 80 µl, enough to perform two transformations.

BD Biosciences Clontech


BD Biosciences Clontech BD TALON Single Step Protein Purification Columns

BD TALON single step columns are designed for one-step purification of histidine-tagged proteins directly from bacterial culture. The columns utilize BD’s dry-down technology, which packages dehydrated lysis buffer and resin in a disposable column. The system eliminates preliminary centrifugation and sonication of the bacterial culture and consolidates cell-lysis and resin. Each column can bind up to 500 mg of target protein.

BD Biosciences Clontech


IPBio ImmunoPorationT Cell Specific Transfection Kits

The ImmunoPorationT kit, based on antibody attached magnetic beads, is designed for transfecting mammalian cells. The kit is available as a generic kit to transfect most cells, or as an antibody-specific kit to directly select transfection to your chosen cell type in a heterogeneous sample. The technology requires a magnetic rack and mixer also available from IPBio.

IPBio Sciences

+ 44 (0) 6122 842297

Sigma HIS-Select iLAP High Capacity 96-Well Plate

The new iLAP (Integrated Lysis and Affinity Purification) plate is a patent-pending product that combines cell lysis and HIS-tagged protein purification steps into one, reducing the number of steps required for high-throughput purification of HIS-tagged proteins. The HIS-Select technology of the plate also provides high specificity and binding capacity for histidine containing fusion proteins. The plates are coated with both a cell lysis reagent and the HIS-Select nickel chelate matrix.



USB FideliTaq DNA Polymerase

USB’s FideliTaq DNA polymerase combines Taq DNA polymerase with a high-fidelity, proofreading polymerase. The new enzyme increases amplification fidelity approximately 3-6 times over Taq DNA Polymerase.




Amersham Biosciences Upgraded MegaBACE DNA Analysis Instrumentation

In addition to carrying out sequencing, STR and general fragment analysis genotyping, the new MegaBACE 750 and MegaBACE 1500 DNA analysis platforms can perform SNP detection using the MegaBACE SNuPe genotyping kit for single base extension SNP analysis. MegaBACE 750 comes with 48 capillaries, and MegaBACE 1500 is the 96-capillary version.

Amersham Biosciences


Applied Biosystems VariantSEQr Resequencing System

The VariantSEQr System, which runs on ABI’s DNA analyzers, enables researchers to conduct genetic sequence variation studies. The system is a fully automated solution that includes ready-to-use primers for high-throughput amplification and resequencing of thousands of genes in the human genome. The system is available for use on either the ABI 3730xl and 3730 DNA analyzers or the ABI PRISM 3100 and 3100-Avant Genetic Analyzers.

Applied Biosystems



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