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New Entigen CEO Plans to Integrate Data Up Through the Clinic

NEW YORK, June 28 - Denise Gilbert, the new CEO of bioinformatics company Entigen, hopes to extend the company's middleware for integrating data across the continuum of genomics to clinical disease management, she told GenomeWeb Thursday.

Entigen, formed in December 2000 from the merger of eBioinformatics and Empatheon, is looking to provide a combination of products and services to customers in non-profit research institutions, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, she said.

"If you look at both predecessors, eBioinformatics had a bioinformatics workstation that was delivered over the web, and Empatheon had integration technology, so we combined [the two] and that became the first application of what this technology can do.

"It's a solutions business," she said. "You need to bring to the party services, and you also need to bring tools that you have available to go provide a solution to someone."

The company's proprietary technology revolves around ADAAPT, or Advanced Dynamic Access, Analysis, and Personalization Technology, a Java-based technology for accessing multiple types of biological data. The technology, the company claims, is useful for normalizing gene expression data from different sources, as well as combining other pathway and genomics data.

Gilbert's most recent experience as an executive occurred at Incyte Genomics, where she served as executive vice president and chief financial officer. Prior to that, she served as vice president and chief financial officer at Affymax, (the company that spawned Affymetrix) where she participated in the company's 1995 acquisition by Glaxo Wellcome. 

But in the period between when she joined Entigen and her time at Incyte, Gilbert took the unusual step of spending 12 months on a bicycle traveling 18,000 miles through 45 countries.

"That was my way to take a break from the Silicon Valley corporate lifestyle," she said, "just sit back on your bicycle and think about things."

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