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NCI Grants to Fund Biomolecular Cancer Detection

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – The National Cancer Institute will fund studies that develop high-throughput methods to discover DNA from tumors and exfoliated cells in human fluids with up to $275,000 over two years.

The goal of the "Exfoliated Cells and Circulating DNA in Cancer Detection and Diagnosis" grant is to develop new enrichment methods to detect very low levels of materials from tumors such as DNA and cells in body fluids such as sputum.

This research could include development of high-throughput technologies for identifying abnormal exfoliated cells in body fluids; molecular, immunologic, or other technologies to isolate tumor cells or biomolecules to detect tumors; and sampling technologies for capturing and preserving exfoliated tumor cells.

These technologies could be used to measure tumor progression, for early detection, for enrichment and detection of cells and biomolecules, and for using PCR or other methods to detect molecular signatures, said NCI.

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