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Most Prevalent Tick-Borne Cattle Pathogen Sequenced

NEW YORK, Dec.23 (GenomeWeb News) - Researchers have sequenced the genome of Anaplasma marginale, the most prevalent tick-borne pathogen of cattle.


The rickettsia-type bacterium causes disease and often death in cattle worldwide and persists lifelong in infected animals who recover, serving as a reservoir for infection of other animals. A. marginale, which has a 1.2-megabase genome, is difficult to culture because its lives inside of its host cell.


The researchers, from WashingtonStateUniversityand the US Department of Agriculture and Agricultural Research Service, sequenced the St. Maries strain of the pathogen and published their analysis in this week's online edition of PNAS. They found 949 annotated coding sequences in the genome, of which 62 are predicted to be outer membrane proteins. The genome also contains unusual functional pseudogenes that play a role in surface coat antigenic variation.

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