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The Molecular Biology Tool Market in 2007?

Projecting the Tools Market in 2007: John West, former vice president of strategic planning and business development for Applied Biosystems, included a slide forecasting the molecular biology tool market in a presentation he made to the Pacific Growth Equities Life Sciences Conference in June in San Francisco.

The slide broke out the molecular biology tools market from mass spectrometry to DNA forensics, with a current estimated market value and a three-year estimate of growth. This market is a subset of $15-20B analytical chemistry and life science tools market.

West has since left the company for the chief executive officer position at Solexa and ABI representatives were not able to confirm whether the original figures represented growth over three years, or annual growth.

To see what the market might look like in 2007, BioCommerce Week took ABI’s market size estimations and projected them out over three years, compounding ABI’s growth estimates annually.

The compounded growth rate produced an projected market of $9.7 billion in 2007, up from $8.3 billion in 2004.

The original presentation is available at

Following are ABI’s original tools categories, market sizes, and average growth rates:

  • Mass Spectometry, ($1.1B), 10 percent
  • Gene Expression, ($1.2B), 15 percent
  • Cell Analysis, ($1.1B), 7 percent
  • Protein Separation, ($1.4B), none
  • Other Proteomics, ($400M), none
  • Core PCR, ($600M), 2.5 percent
  • Other DNA ($800M), none
  • DNA Sample Preparation ($600M), none
  • DNA Sequencing ($660M) 0
  • DNA forensics ($120M), 11 percent
  • Genotyping ($280M) 15 percent
  • Estimated Total Market size:$8.26B


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