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Mino Resigns as CEO of Lumera; HHMI Extends Haussler's Appointment; Deltadot, TheraGenetics Expand Boards; and Others

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) - Lumera said this week that Thomas Mino has resigned as CEO and from his post on the company’s board of directors. Mino will continue to serve Lumera in a consulting capacity, the company said.
Lumera’s board has formed a search committee to find a new CEO. Until then, current board member Joseph Vallner will step in as president and interim CEO.
Vallner also recently was named CEO of Lumera’s newly created proteomics subsidiary Plexera.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has extended David Haussler’s appointment as an HHMI Investigator for five years, through August 2012. Haussler is a professor of biomolecular engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and director of the Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering. He has been an HHMI investigator since 2000.
Haussler leads the Genome Bioinformatics Group at UCSC that maintains the UCSC Genome Browser. His group recently identified the existence of "ultra-conserved" elements in the human genome that have remained essentially unchanged across millions of years of evolution. The Haussler laboratory has also identified genome segments that have undergone unusually rapid change in one species.

Artel has appointed Bjoern Carle to the post of Laboratory Applications Scientist. In the position, Carle will work in designing and engineering new products and product enhancements and will work to provide instrument validation and on-site customer training for the company’s Liquid Handling Quality Assurance services.
Carle previously was involved in measurement technology and instrument quality control and was a researcher at the University of Cincinnati and at Harvard Medical School.

Deltadot has appointed Ed Robinson and Peter Coggins to be non-executive directors of the board. Coggins formerly was president of Life and Analytical Sciences at PerkinElmer, and was executive vice president of global sales at Amersham Biosciences.
Coggins also is on the board of directors at Biohit OYJ, Finland and is a member of the advisory committee to the US Secretary of Health.
Ed Robinson formerly was executive vice president of Europe and Asia Pacific Pharma and Biopharmaceuticals at Cambrex, and was in senior management roles at Soluta, Lona Biologics, and Genencor International.

TheraGenetics has appointed Heiner Dreismann to be chairman of its board of directors and has tapped Robert Forrester to be a director.
Dreismann recently was president and CEO of Roche Molecular Systems. Forrester is executive VP and CFO of CombinatoRx and formerly was senior vice president of finance and corporate development at Coley Pharmaceutical Group.

BioWisdom has named Michael Stapleton to direct the company’s global sales and marketing activities. Stapleton recently was vice president of global marketing and eBusiness at Invitrogen, and he also spent 11 years at Accelrys as chief operating officer.

Clive Brown has joined the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as a group leader in next-generation sequencing informatics R&D. Previously, he was director of computational biology and IT at Solexa in Little Chesterford, UK, which he joined in late 2002. He left the company in January prior to its merger with Illumina.

Francis Ouellette has been appointed associate director of informatics and biocomputing and senior scientist at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. Ouellette was most recently director of the University of British Columbia Bioinformatics Center.
Before joining the UBiC in 2002, Ouellette was director of the Bioinformatics Core Facility at the Center for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics in Vancouver, BC. Prior to that, he worked at the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

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