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Meetings and Deadlines: Mar 1, 2010



Mar 5-6
The Future of Genomic Medicine III
Scripps Translational Science Institute
San Diego

Mar 7-10
Denver, Colo.

Mar 18-19
Perspectives in Clinical Proteomics
EMBL-EBI-Wellcome Trust
Hinxton, UK

Mar 18-20
AUTM 2010 Annual Meeting
Association of University Technology Managers
New Orleans, La.
Tech transfer

Mar 20-23
ABRF 2010
Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities
Sacramento, Calif.
Core labs

Mar 23-27
Systems Biology: Global Regulation of Gene Expression
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Systems biology

Mar 24–28
ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting
American College of Medical Genetics
Albuquerque, NM

Apr 8-9
Advances in Synthetic Chemistry
Select Biosciences
Munich, Germany
Synthetic chemistry

Apr 11-15
SBS 16th Annual Conference & Exhibition
Society for Biomolecular Sciences

Apr 14-17
4th ESF Conference on Functional Genomics and Disease
Elsevier and the European Commission
Dresden, Germany

Apr 17-21
AACR 101st Annual Meeting
American Association for Cancer Research
Washington, DC

Apr 20-22
Bio-IT World Conference & Expo

Apr 24-28
Experimental Biology
Anaheim, Calif.

Apr 25-28
INESC-ID and Instituto Superior Técnico
Lisbon, Portugal

May 3-6
BIO International Convention

May 5-7
RNAi & miRNA World Congress
Select Biosciences

May 9-10
New Frontiers in Proteomics Research
Canadian National Proteomics Network

May 11-15
The Biology of Genomes
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Cold Spring Harbor, NY

May 17-19
Whole Transcript Microarray Data Analysis
Heidelberg, Germany

May 23-27
ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry
Salt Lake City
Mass spec

May 31-Jun 3
10th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering

Jun 2-4
Consumer Genetics Conference
DNA Like Me

Jun 3-5
AGT 35th Annual Meeting
Association of Genetic Technologists

Jun 8-9
Cancer Proteomics
Select Biosciences
Berlin, Germany

Jun 12-15
Genetics 2010: Model Organisms to Human Biology
The Genetics Society of America

Jun 17-20
C. elegans: Development and Gene Expression
Heidelberg, Germany
Model organism

Jun 22-23
Beyond Sequencing: Strategies for Success
San Francisco

Jun 26-29
The European Association for Cancer Research
Oslo, Norway

Jul 8-9 AgriGenomics World Congress
Select Biosciences
Brussels, Belgium

Jul 11-13
Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology

Jul 25-29
AACC Annual Meeting
American Association for Clinical Chemistry
Anaheim, Calif.


March 15 Application due date for the recovery act limited competition: National Institutes of Health director's opportunity for research in five thematic areas, one of which is to support the application of genomics and other high-throughput technologies to the understanding of disease mechanisms.

March 19 Poster submission deadline for the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology conference to be held in Boston in July.

March 22 Proposal deadline for Assembling the Tree of Life. This National Science Foundation grant will support efforts to parse the evolutionary relationships between organisms as well as projects that acquire and analyze data and develop and share algorithms for computational phylogenetics and phyloinformatics.

March 24 Application due date for the Systems Biology Approach to the Mechanisms of TB Latency and Reactivation grant. This National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute grant will fund a multidisciplinary approach to study and model tuberculosis latency and reactivation to be tested in humans or non-human primates.

March 24 Abstract submission deadline for Genetics 2010: Model Organisms To Human Biology, the Genetics Society of America conference to be held in Boston in June.

March 26 Call for posters deadline for the RNAi & miRNA World Congress meeting to be held in Boston in May.

March 29 Registration deadline for the European Molecular Biology Laboratory's Analysis of Short Read Sequencing Data conference to be held in Heidelberg, Germany, in May.

March 31 Poster abstract deadline for the Canadian National Proteomics Network 2010 Symposium: New Frontiers in Proteomics Research to be held in Montreal in May.

April 14 Call for posters deadline for the Select Biosciences' Advances in Microarray Technology conference to be held in Dublin, Ireland, in May.

April 21 Grant proposal deadline date for the National Science Foundation's Major Research Instrumentation Program aimed to support the institutional acquisition and sharing of instrumentation that is too costly and/or not eligible for support through other NSF programs. Abstracts for proposals recently funded through this program are available on the NSF website.

April 26 Advance registration deadline for the 58th American society for mass spectrometry, Conference on Mass Spectrometry to be held in Salt Lake City in May.

April 29 Application deadline for the National Institute on Drug Abuse's Systems Biology, HIV/AIDS, and Substance Abuse grant to support the expansion of research at the interface of HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.

April 29 Application due date for the NIH's Deep Sequencing and Analysis of Pharmacogenomic Regions: Discovery and Analysis of Genetic Variants Contributing to Drug Abuse and Addiction grant to support GWAS research projects aimed at identifying genomic regions associated with addiction phenotypes.

May 18 Application deadline for the National Eye Institute's Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Institutional Research Training Grant for Statistical -Genetics and Genome Informatics to initiate a training program for sequence analysis, gene mapping, complex trait mapping, and genetic variation in the visual system.

May 21 Deadline to submit abstracts for the Cold Spring Harbor -Laboratory and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute conference on Systems Biology: Networks to be held in Hinxton, UK, in August.

May 24 Application deadline for the NIH's Developmental Pharmacology grant to support multidisciplinary basic and translational research with an emphasis on drug metabolizing enzymes and signaling pathways.

June 2 Abstract submission deadline for the American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting to be held in Washington, DC, in November.

June 18 Deadline to submit abstracts for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's Personal Genomes conference to be held in Cold Spring Harbor, NY, in September.

The Scan

Expanded Genetic Testing Uncovers Hereditary Cancer Risk in Significant Subset of Cancer Patients

In Genome Medicine, researchers found pathogenic or likely pathogenic hereditary cancer risk variants in close to 17 percent of the 17,523 patients profiled with expanded germline genetic testing.

Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy Embryos Appear Largely Normal in Single-Cell 'Omics Analyses

Embryos produced with spindle transfer-based mitochondrial replacement had delayed demethylation, but typical aneuploidy and transcriptome features in a PLOS Biology study.

Cancer Patients Report Quality of Life Benefits for Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Immune checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy was linked in JAMA Network Open to enhanced quality of life compared to other treatment types in cancer patients.

Researchers Compare WGS, Exome Sequencing-Based Mendelian Disease Diagnosis

Investigators find a diagnostic edge for whole-genome sequencing, while highlighting the cost advantages and improving diagnostic rate of exome sequencing in EJHG.