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Meetings and Deadlines: Jun 1, 2011



June 10
Deadline to apply for the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases' Centers of Research Translation grant, to build a center that will have a disease-targeted translational theme with individual projects directed at elucidating the relevance of basic research to human disease.

July 1
Abstract submission deadline for Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conferences' Global Health and Microbial Genomics meeting to be held in Suzhou, China, in September.

July 1
Abstract submission deadline for the International Symposium on Animal Functional Genomics' 4th Annual Conference to be held in Dublin in October.

July 8
Abstract submission deadline for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's Personal Genomes conference to be held in Cold Spring Harbor, NY, in September.

July 8
Abstract submission deadline for IEEE's 1st Symposium on Biological Data Visualization to be held in Providence, RI, in October.

July 9
Deadline to apply for NSF's Evolutionary Processes grant to conduct research on mutation, gene flow, recombination, natural selection, genetic drift, assortative mating within species, speciation, and long-term features of evolution to explain causes and consequences of genetic-based change in the properties of organisms over generations.

July 12
Deadline to apply for NSF's Genetic Mechanisms grant to address questions about how genes work, how they are maintained and inherited, and how genes and the genome change, using innovative in vivo and in vitro approaches.

July 15
Abstract submission deadline for BioMed Central's Beyond the Genome 2011 conference to be held in Washington, DC, in September.

July 29
Deadline to apply for NSF's Instrument Development for Biological Research grant to support the development of instruments that permit new measurements or that significantly improve current technologies.

September 7
Deadline to apply for NIH's Collaborations with National Centers for Biomedical Computing grant to engage researchers across the US in building a biomedical computing environment.

September 7
Deadline to apply for NCI's Pilot Studies in Pancreatic Cancer grant to promote innovative research across multiple disciplines for a better understanding of the biology, etiology, detection, prevention, and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

September 30
Deadline to apply for NIH's Genetic and Genomic Analysis of Xenopus grant to enhance the power of Xenopus as a vertebrate model for biomedical research.

September 7
Deadline to apply for NIH's Translational Research at the Aging/Cancer Interface grant to conduct translational research in the areas of human aging and cancer, and linking basic and clinical research relevant to the care of older cancer patients through various approaches.


Jun 7-9
3rd Annual Consumer Genetics Conference
DNA Like Me

Jun 13-17
Developments in Real-Time PCR
Tataa Biocenter

Jun 15-17
SB5: the Fifth International Meeting on Synthetic Biology
BioBricks Foundation
Palo Alto, Calif.
Synthetic biology

Jun 20-23
Cancer Proteomics
Select Biosciences

Jun 20-24
EBI-Wellcome Trust Summer School in Bioinformatics 2011
Wellcome Trust
Hinxton, England

Jun 21-22
Beyond Sequencing
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
San Francisco

Jun 22-24
13th Milan Breast Cancer Conference
European Institute of Oncology

Jun 23-26
Genetic Alliance 25th Anniversary
Genetic Alliance Annual Conference
Bethesda, Md.

Jun 27-28
RNAi, miRNA, and siRNA
SMI Conferences

Jun 27-30
2011 BIO International Convention
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Washington, DC

Jun 30-Jul 1
European Lab Automation
Select Biosciences

Jul 17-19
International Society for Computational Biology
Computational biology

Jul 17-22
Human Genetics & Genomics Conference
Gordon Research Conferences
Newport, RI

Jul 24-28
AACC 2011 Annual Meeting
American Association for Clinical Chemistry

Aug 1-3
Drug Discovery and Development Week
IBC Life Sciences
San Francisco
Drug discovery

Aug 30-Sep 2
Genomics of Common Diseases 2011
Wellcome Trust
Hinxton, England

Aug 30-Sep 3
EMBC 2011
IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

Sep 4-7
HUPO 2011: 10th World Congress
Human Proteome Organization

Sep 6-9
ADAPT 2011: Accelerating Development and Advancing Personalized Therapy
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Personalized medicine

Sep 8-10
12th International Meeting on Human Genome Variation and Complex Genome Analysis
HGV 2011
Berkeley, Calif.

Sep 11-14
CAP 2011: The Pathologists' Meeting
College of American Pathologists
Grapevine, Texas

Sep 17-19
Cancer Genomics
Heidelberg, Germany

Sep 19-22
Beyond the Genome 2011
BioMed Central
Washington, DC

Sep 28-Oct 1
ISPB 2011: Tolerance to Stresses and Enhanced Crop Yield on Plant Biotechnology
International Symposium
Jharkhand, India

Sep 30-Oct 2
Personal Genomes
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Oct 10-12
4th International Symposium of Animal Functional Genomics

Oct 11-15
12th International Congress of Human Genetics
American Society of Human Genetics
Montreal, Quebec

Oct 13-16
Structure and Dynamics of Protein Networks
Heidelberg, Germany

Oct 23-24
1st IEEE Symposium on Biological Data Visualization
Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Providence, RI

Oct 25-28
TEDMED 2011 Annual Meeting
TED Conferences
San Diego

Nov 14-18
Bioinformatics of Human and Animal Genomics
Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conferences
Suzhou, China

Nov 30-Dec 3
Plant Genomes and Biotechnology
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories
Cold Spring Harbor, NY

The Scan

LINE-1 Linked to Premature Aging Conditions

Researchers report in Science Translational Medicine that the accumulation of LINE-1 RNA contributes to premature aging conditions and that symptoms can be improved by targeting them.

Team Presents Cattle Genotype-Tissue Expression Atlas

Using RNA sequences representing thousands of cattle samples, researchers looked at relationships between cattle genotype and tissue expression in Nature Genetics.

Researchers Map Recombination in Khoe-San Population

With whole-genome sequences for dozens of individuals from the Nama population, researchers saw in Genome Biology fine-scale recombination patterns that clustered outside of other populations.

Myotonic Dystrophy Repeat Detected in Family Genome Sequencing Analysis

While sequencing individuals from a multi-generation family, researchers identified a myotonic dystrophy type 2-related short tandem repeat in the European Journal of Human Genetics.