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Maryland s Grant Windfall


With a major biotech beltway running through the state, it’s no surprise that Maryland raked in nearly $1.5 billion in NIH grant funding for researchers this year. This state is home to TIGR, several universities, and a number of organizations that do contract work for Bethesda-based NIH.

To compile this chart, GT sorted through NIH’s grants-by-state database to find ones clearly related to the disciplines under the systems biology umbrella, and for the sake of space, selected those with the most funding. This list, current as of late June, is not comprehensive.


J. Craig Venter Institute    


Samuel Levy NHLBI DNA Resequencing and Genotyping Program Lab Center
Johns Hopkins University    


David Valle Genotyping for Locating Human Disease Genes
$3,000,000 David Sidransky Integrated Development of Novel Molecular Markers


Lewis Becker Genotypic Determinants of Aspirin Response in High-Risk
$2,262,200 Jef Boeke Yeast Genetic Interaction Map
$1,100,000 Andrew Feinberg Center for the Epigenetics of Common Human Disease


Aravinda Chakravarti

Human Genomic Polymorphism in Autism

$930,585 Kathy Helzlsouer Clue Studies—Evaluating Biomarkers of Carcinogenesis
$915,959 Ann Pulver A Genome-Wide SNP Association Study: Schizophrenia


Alan Scott SNP Discovery and Analysis in Craniofacial Birth Defects
$811,890 Gordon Tomaselli Expression Profiling in Canine Models of Human Disease
$797,391 Alan Scott NHLBI DNA Resequencing and Genotyping Program Lab Center
$715,394 Paul Englund Structure and Synthesis of DNA


David Thomas

Hepatitis C Pathogenesis and the Human Genome

$628,589 Aravinda Chakravarti Genetic Epidemiology of Hypertension: Genomic Cores
$575,000 Steven Brant IBD Gene Mapping by Clinical and Population Subsets


Stephen Baylin DNA Methyltransferase Gene Expression in Colon Cancer
$542,627 Peter Devreotes G-Protein Linked Signaling Pathways in Chemotaxis
$526,961 Daniel Lane Hormonal Control of Adipose Gene Expression
$518,007 Donald Zack Regulation of Rhodopsin Gene Expression

Kennedy Krieger Research Institute

$1,822,528 Kirby Smith Genetic Causes of Mental Retardation
Large Scale Biology    


Sandra Steiner National Center for Toxicogenomics Resources — Proteomic Analysis/Identification
Medstar Research Institute    


Barbara Howard Genetics of Coronary Artery Disease in Alaskan Natives
Northrop Grumman Information Technology    


Richard Scheuermann Bioinformatics Resource Centers for Biodefense
The Institute for Genomic Research    


Scott Peterson Pathogen Functional Genomics Resource Center
$11,303,969 Claire Fraser Microbial Genome Centers
$10,000,000 Karin Remington TIGR/JTC Large-Scale Sequencing Production Center


Owen White Bioinformatics Resource Centers for Biodefense
$1,391,005 Jonathan Eisen Tetrahymena Genome Sequencing Project
$671,976 Steven Salzberg Computational Gene Modeling and Genome Sequence Assembly


Steven Gill Comparative Genomics of the Chlamydiaceae
$592,593 Steven Gill Community Genomics of the Human Oral Microbiome
$541,041 John Quackenbush A Comprehensive System for Microarray Data Analysis


Karin Remington TIGR/JTC Large-Scale Sequencing Production Center
$446,178 William Nierman Regulation of Burkholderia mallei virulence genes
University of Maryland    


Alan Shuldiner Genome-wide Search for CVD Gene-Environment Interactions
$769,423 Alan Shuldiner Longevity Genes in Founder Populations
$662,837 Steven Kittner Genetics of Early Onset Stroke
$624,949 John Warren Genetics of Interstitial Cystitis


Alan Shuldiner Genetics of Diabetes in the Amish

University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute



John Moult From Genomic Sequences to Protein Structure and Function


The Scan

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