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Manchester, UK, Center to Use $69M for Genetics and Translational Research

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – A new government-funded research center in Manchester, UK, plans to set its sights on genetics and translational research that would lead to predictive tests for fetal problems and pregnancy complications, government and media sources in the UK said this week.
The Biomedical Research Center will include research from Central Manchester and Manchester Children’s University Hospitals, NHS Trust, and the University of Manchester, according to the British Secretary of Health.
The Manchester BRC will receive £7.4 million ($14.7 million) per year over four years for a total of around £35 million from the Department of Health, and it has applied for as much as £10 million per year in external grants from the North West Developmental Agency, the Manchester Evening News reported today. 
"The new Biomedical Research Centre in Manchester will strengthen our drive to put the UK at the forefront of vital health research and contribute to the nation's international competitiveness as a major component of our knowledge economy," Health Secretary Alan Johnson said in a statement.
The Manchester BRC joins several other Biomedical Research Centers in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool, and Newcastle.
The UK has allocated £50 million for all of the BRCs during the first year of operation and £100 million per year over the next four years. The amount allocated to each center is determined by the scale and nature of the research activity that it conducts and the anticipated impact of that activity, according to the UK’s National Institute for Health Research.
In addition to developing a predictive test for pregnancy complications, the Manchester BRC will use genetic technologies to improve diagnosis and treatment in other areas including sudden cardiac death, developmental disease, disadvantaged populations, and inflammatory bowel disease.

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