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DS Gene 1.5

DS Gene Version 1.5, an upgrade to Accelrys’ Windows desktop sequence analysis package, is now available. Owners of DS Gene 1.1 are entitled to a complimentary upgrade.



Cerius2 4.9 ADME Models

Cerius2 4.9 offers three new ADME/Tox models: C2.PBIND predicts whether a compound is likely to be highly bound to carrier proteins in the blood; C2.Hepatotoxicity predicts the occurrence of dose-dependent human hepatotoxicity using an ensemble recursive partitioning method; and C2.CYP2D6 predicts cytochrome P450 2D6 enzyme inhibition using 2D chemical structure as input.



ImageQuant TL

ImageQuant TL software can analyse 1D gels, simple 2D gels, dot blot, slot blot, microplate, TLC, macroarray and plaque assays. ImageQuant TL can be used either as a standalone package or with Amersham Biosciences'' imagers, such as the Typhoon scanner, where images generated from different sample types are automatically analyzed by ImageQuant TL.

Amersham Biosciences


Decision Trees Collection

SciTegic and NovoDynamics have launched the Decision Trees Collection for SciTegic''s data pipelining software, Pipeline Pilot. Based on NovoDynamics'' ArborPharm product, the component collection allows high-throughput mining of large pharmaceutical discovery data sets.

SciTegic and NovoDynamics


Bioinformatics Toolbox for MATLAB

The MathWorks Bioinformatics Toolbox for MATLAB facilitates the analysis of complex bioinformatics data, from genomic sequences to microarray data analysis. Because the toolbox is built on MATLAB, bioinformaticists can rely on a proven data analysis and algorithm development environment that minimizes hand coding.

The MathWorks



New Forensic Testing Kits

Applied Biosystems’ two new kits for forensic testing and other human identification purposes allow analysts to determine the amount of human DNA or male-specific DNA present in samples.

Applied Biosystems


BD Retro-X Universal Packaging System

The BD Retro-X Universal Packaging System provides a method for producing high titers of replication-incompetent retrovirus with the host range required for your experiments. This packaging system can be used with any Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus (MMLV)-based expression vector, and the system includes the GP2-293 cell line, which has the MMLV gag and pol genes stably integrated in its genome.

BD Biosciences


BD Living Color HcRed Polyclonal Antibody

The HcRed polyclonal antibody is designed for Western blot detection of HcRed 1 protein, a far-red fluorescent protein from the reef coral Heteractis crispa. The antibody detects all forms of HcRed expressed from BD HcRed1 vectors — including N-terminal fusions and C-terminal fusions.

BD Biosciences Clontech


IMAP Progressive Binding System

The IMAP Progressive Binding System and nine new peptide substrates allow researchers to study kinases, phosphatases, and phosphodiesterases by addressing key parameters such as substrate limitations, ATP concentrations, and background levels.

Molecular Devices


ProFound Protein Interaction Mapping Kit

The new ProFound protein interaction mapping kit uses artificial protease activity to cut peptide bonds rapidly with high yield, enabling the study of protein-protein interactions. Kit reagents are packaged in single-dose packaging, eliminating reagent degradation from repeated sampling from a single vial. The kit contains sufficient materials to perform eight protein-protein interaction mapping experiments.

Pierce Biotechnology


GenomePlexT Whole Genome Amplification Kit

Rubicon''s proprietary in vitro method converts very small amounts of genomic DNA into OmniPlex amplifiable libraries.

Rubicon Genomics


Vitality hrGFP Polyclonal Antibody

For the detection of humanized Renilla Green Fluorescent Protein, the Vitality hrGFP Polyclonal Antibody recognizes the wild-type green fluorescent protein as well as N- and C- terminal fusions to this protein. Applications include Western blotting, immunoprecipitation, and flow cytometry.



BioTrek Protein Delivery Reagent

As an alternative to DNA transfection, the BioTrek Protein delivery reagent is a novel lipid formulation that allows researchers to directly translocate their protein of interest into a living cell.




Supercoiled DNA Marker Set

The supercoiled DNA marker set is designed for analyzing the size of cDNA clones and BAC subclones by agarose minigel or Pulse-Field Gel Electrophoresis. The set contains five discrete supercoiled DNA bands of 28 kb, 23 kb, 18 kb, 13 kb and 8 kb.



GPCR CloneSet

The GPCR CloneSet, a designated subset of over 300 full-length human non-olfactory G protein-coupled receptors, is an addition to OriGene’s TrueClone Collection product line. OriGene’s TrueClone Collection contains 20,000 full-length human cDNAs.

OriGene Technologies


Kinase CloneSet

The Kinase CloneSet, a designated subset of over 500 full-length kinase cDNA clones, is an addition to OriGene’s TrueClone Collection product line. OriGene’s TrueClone Collection contains 20,000 full-length human cDNAs.

OriGene Technologies


Just cDNA Double-Stranded cDNA Synthesis Kit

The Just cDNA Double-Stranded cDNA Synthesis Kit generates blunt-ended cDNA for use in non-directional cDNA libraries. The double-stranded cDNA can also be used in the in vitro transcription of cDNA populations, as a starting point for subtractive hybridization studies, and to enrich differentially expressed genes.




Tool For Designing Disease Association Studies Based On Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

Applied Biosystems has completed the development of a genome-wide human genetic variation map based on SNPs, and introduced a free, downloadable software tool for viewing these variations in the context of individual genes, chromosomal regions, and the entire human genome. The SNPbrowser Software is available at /snpbrowser.

Applied Biosystems



Focus Research process optimization tool

Focus Research, a process optimization software tool for life science laboratories, automatically analyzes the performance of factors associated with laboratory processes and identifies weaknesses or failures. Applied Biosystems is the exclusive distributor of Focus Research and will offer the product through its Informatics Software and Services for Discovery business.

Applied Biosystems



Millex syringe filters

Millipore’s new automation-compatible Millex syringe filters are designed to eliminate filter-related problems in automated systems such as dissolution testing and HPLC analysis. The filters have a domed housing and use the Luer-Lok connection for precise alignment. The housing is constructed from a high-density polyethylene, a rigid material that prevents leaks during filtration.



Javelin Express Columns

Designed for high-throughput screening, the Javelin Express is based on the popular Javelin direct-connection guard column design. The columns are available in eight phases and in 50mm lengths.

Thermo Electron


Pursuit C8 column for reverse-phase HPLC and LC/MS applications

The Pursuit C8 phase is less hydrophobic than Pursuit C18, so compounds will typically elute faster on C8 phases with a given mobile phase. The high bonded phase density and surface coverage of Pursuit C8 often provides extra resolving power for critical pairs compared to C18 phases, and provides exceptional stability from pH 1.5 to 10.0.




BioRobot LiquiChip System

The BioRobot LiquiChip system is a front-end solution for setup and transfer of LiquiChip assays to the LiquiChip Reader and other xMAP systems. The BioRobot LiquiChip System comprises the BioRobot LiquiChip workstation, the BioRobot Twister I robotic arm, worktable accessories, and a protocol template for multiplex xMAP assays.




Autoflex TOF/TOF system

The Autoflex TOF/TOF system, a compact high-performance MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer, is the first vertical TOF/TOF system. The instrument offers many of the high-performance MS/MS characteristics of larger TOF/TOF systems, requires less lab space, and is priced at $375,000.

Bruker Daltonics



Ovation RNA Amplification and Biotin Labeling System

The Ovation Biotin System, based on two of NuGEN''s proprietary technologies, Ribo-SPIA and a unique biotin labeling approach, is highly reproducible, uses one protocol for all samples, and generates microgram quantities of cDNA in less than one day.

NuGEN Technologies


60-mer Rice Microarray

The microarray includes genetic probes for more than 21,000 genes from the genome of Oryza sativa L. ssp japonica (cultivar Nipponbare). This is believed to be approximately 50 percent of the total rice genome, currently estimated at 40,000 to 50,000 genes. Agilent manufactures the microarrays using ink-jet-based technology, which prints DNA in situ onto 1" x 3" glass slides to a length of 60 oligonucelotides.

Agilent Technologies



800 MHz Cold Probe for research in proteomics and structural biology

Varian cold probes have been optimized for the task of suppressing the irrelevant signal from water, which typically has an intensity one million times larger then the signals of the proteins under study.




FailSafe Real-Time PCR System

The FailSafe Real-Time PCR Capillary System is now formulated specifically for quantitative PCR thermal cyclers that use glass capillary reaction vessels, such as the Roche LightCycler instrument. The system uses SYBR Green I dye, does not require target-specific probes, and incorporates a set of eight FailSafe PCR PreMixes that represent various PCR conditions.



AmpliScribe T7-Flash Transcription Kit

A new T7 in vitro transcription kit, the AmpliScribe T7-Flash Transcription Kit can produce 160 ¯ 180 µg (8 -9 mg/ml) of RNA from 1 µg of DNA template in 30 minutes. A 6-fold linear scaleup of an AmpliScribe T7-Flash reaction produces >1 mg of RNA in just 30 minutes. An RNase inhibitor is included in the kit to ensure the integrity of the RNA produced.



Moto Alpha interchangeable sample block

The new MJ Research Moto Alpha interchangeable sample block (designed for use with any thermal cycler in the DNA Engine line) provides plate positioning and sealing either as a stand-alone unit or integrated into a robotic walk-away system.

MJ Research


Eppendorf Perfectprep PCR Cleanup 96 kit

The Perfectprep PCR Cleanup 96 kit incorporates Eppendorf’s ultrafiltration technology, and processes PCR reactions in volumes from 5 µl - 300 µl. Its 96-well plate design is optimized to recover the purified PCR products in 30 µl - 50 µl. The two-step protocol can be completed in 15 minutes for a single plate or in 20 minutes for four plates on Eppendorf’s quad manifold (50 µl reaction volume).




Immobiline DryStrip Gels

This new line of Immobiline DryStrip gels, designed for separating complex protein mixtures using high-resolution 2-D gel electrophoresis, covers the pH range from 3 to 11.

Amersham Biosciences



MessageMuter shRNAi Production Kit

MessageMuter produces short hairpin RNA, utilizing a unique in vitro transcription-based process that produces transfection-ready shRNA in about 4 hours. Each MessageMuter reaction yields enough shRNA for several hundred transfections.




Agilent Total RNA Isolation Mini Kit

Agilent’s new RNA isolation kit uses a pre-filtration column to reduce genomic DNA contamination to less than 1 femtogram per 1 nanogram of isolated RNA in selected tissues. The kit does not require the use of DNase enzyme, which is commonly used to remove genomic DNA but can compromise the quality of RNA.

Agilent Technologies


EZ1 RNA Cell Mini Kit, EZ1 RNA Tissue Mini Kit, and EZ1 RNA Card

The EZ1 RNA Cell and Tissue Mini Kits are used with the BioRobot EZ1 system and protocols contained on the EZ1 RNA Card to provide automated purification of total RNA from tissues up to 10 mg. The workstation allows purification from 1-6 samples in a single run.



DirectPrep 96 Miniprep System

Designed for manual or fully automated, high-throughput DNA purification, the DirectPrep 96 miniprep kits use a one-plate procedure and a new lysis step that makes clearing of the lysate unnecessary. Yields of up to 4 µg high-copy plasmid DNA are typically obtained from 1.25 ml E. coli culture grown in LB medium. The DirectPrep 96 procedure is designed for use on BioRobot 3000 or BioRobot 8000 workstations, but can also be performed manually using the QIAvac Multiwell.



Sirocco 96-well filtration plate

Waters’ new Sirocco 96-well protein precipitation plate combines novel 96-well plate tip design features with proprietary new membranes. The plate is suitable for manual or automated processing and processing 96 samples takes less than 15 minutes.




GeneMapper ID Software v3.1

Applied Biosystems’ new GeneMapper ID Software v3.1 combines features from GeneScan and Genotyper software in a single convenient analysis package. The software is designed specifically for forensic casework, establishing convicted offender and population databases, performing parentage testing, tracking specimens, and identifying missing persons, military personnel, and mass disaster remains.

Applied Biosystems



The Scan

Y Chromosome Study Reveals Details on Timing of Human Settlement in Americas

A Y chromosome-based analysis suggests South America may have first been settled more than 18,000 years ago, according to a new PLOS One study.

New Insights Into TP53-Driven Cancer

Researchers examine in Nature how TP53 mutations arise and spark tumor development.

Mapping Single-Cell Genomic, Transcriptomic Landscapes of Colorectal Cancer

In Genome Medicine, researchers present a map of single-cell genomic and transcriptomic landscapes of primary and metastatic colorectal cancer.

Expanded Genetic Testing Uncovers Hereditary Cancer Risk in Significant Subset of Cancer Patients

In Genome Medicine, researchers found pathogenic or likely pathogenic hereditary cancer risk variants in close to 17 percent of the 17,523 patients profiled with expanded germline genetic testing.