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John West Designated CEO after Lynx-Solexa Merger, Harry Wilcox New CFO of Exact Sciences, Matthew Meselson Wins Lasker Award, Joe DeRisi Becomes MacArthur Fellow, and Others

Following the merger of Solexa and Lynx Therapeutics, Solexa CEO John West will become chief executive officer of the combined company, the companies said yesterday. West joined Solexa last month from Applied Biosystems, where he was vice president of DNA platforms. He will also join the board of directors of the merged company, which will also include Craig Taylor, chairman of Lynx Therapeutics, and four venture capital members of the current Solexa board.


Arthur Mandell has become president and CEO of Cellective Therapeutics, the Durham, N.C.-based antibody therapeutics company said today. In the past, he was a senior vice president and chief business officer at Human Genome Sciences.


Harry Wilcox is the new senior vice president and CFO of Exact Sciences, the Marlborough, Mass.-based company said yesterday. He joins the company from Beacon BioPartners, where he was a partner. Prior to that, he was interim CEO of Biostratum and executive vice president and chief of finance and corporate development at Pyrosequencing.


Peter Miller has become vice president of marketing and sales for CeMines' bioystems division, the Golden, Colo.-based company said last week. He was previously general manager and director of sales and marketing for Proligo. He holds an MBA in pharmaceutical marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a bachelor's degree in biology and business administration from Winona State University of Minnesota.


Prometic Life Sciences of Montreal, Canada, reported a number of management changes last week. Claude Camiré, the company's vice president, will leave Prometic and his position will be eliminated. Sylvie Gosselin, a communications manager, and Nicole Blanchard, who manages investor relations, have joined the company.


Jane Green has become vice president for corporate communications of Dynavax Technologies, the Berkeley, Calif.-based company said on Monday. She joins the company from Exelixis, where she developed and managed the company's communications strategy. Prior to that, she was senior director of corporate communications at Caliper Technologies. Green holds a PhD in English literature from the State University of New York at Buffalo and a BA in literature from the Universityof Pennsylvania.


Takashi Nakamura has been appointed to the business advisory board of GeneEd, the San Francisco-based company said last week. In the past, he held a position at GeneFormatics. Nakamura received a BS in computer science and mathematics from the Universityof New South Wales in Sydney.


GenoMed of St. Louis said yesterday it has added new members to its scientific advisory board, who will serve on a sub-committee dealing with ethical, legal, and social issues: Sylvia Johnson, director of research and epidemiology for the United Automobile Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Works of America; David Sundwall, chairman of the CDC's Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act Advisory Committee; Sheryl Dasco, a health attorney in Texas; David Moskowitz, CEO and chief medical officer of GenoMed; and Dennis Robbins, an ethics advisor who will chair the committee.


Matthew Meselson has won the Albert Lasker Award for Special Achievement in Medical Science, the Lasker Foundation said on Sunday. He is a professor of natural sciences at HarvardUniversity. Meselson, together with Franklin Stahl, showed in 1958 that DNA duplication produces two identifcal daughter molecules, each containing one parental and one newly formed strand. Later, he discovered the first restriction enzyme. Besides his contributions to molecular biology, Meselson has been engaged in preventing the production and use of biological and chemical weapons.


Joseph DeRisi and Vamsi Mootha are among the 23 new MacArthur fellows named by the MacArthur Foundation yesterday. Each fellow will receive $500,000 over the next five years. DeRisi, who has been developing microarrays, is an assistant professor of biochemistry and biophysics at the Universityof California, San Francisco. He is cited for "developing the means to measure thousands of genes simultaneously in an effort to decode the mysteries of cellular function." Mootha is an assistant professor of systems biology at Harvard Medical School. He was honored for "tapping into the wellspring of new data from molecular biology, genetics, and protein chemistry to identify the cause of, and possible treatment for, metabolic disease such as diabetes."


David Pall, the founder of Pall Corporation, died last week, according to an article in the New York Times. He was 90. Pall invented sophisticated filters, for example for purifying blood for transfusions. In 1946, he started the Micro Metallic Corporation, which is now the Pall Corporation, based in East Hills, NY. Pall held a PhD in physical chemistry and a bachelor's degree in chemistry from McGillUniversity in Montreal.

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