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IP Watch: Qiagen, Roche, Biological Dynamics, Others Win US Patents


Qiagen has been awarded US Patent No. 8,877,436, "Fast results hybrid capture assay on an automated platform."

Paul Eder, Eric Payne, Irina Nazarenko, Suganthi Ramachandran, Arvind Virmani, and Laura Bell are named as inventors.

Stanford has been awarded US Patent No. 8,877,442, "Non-invasive determination of fetal inheritance of parental haplotypes at the genome-wide scale."

Stephen Quake and Hei-Mun Fan are named as inventors.

Roche has been awarded US Patent No. 8,877,464, "Qualitative and quantitative detection of microbial nucleic acids."

Reiner Babiel, Frank Bergmann, and Dorothea Sizmann are named as inventors.

Biological Dynamics has been awarded US Patent No. 8,877,470, "Nucleic acid sample preparation."

Rajaram Krishnan, David Charlot, Eugene Tu, James McCanna, Lucas Kumosa, Paul Swanson, Robert Turner, Kai Yang, Irina Dobrovolskaya, and David Liu are named as inventors.

Geron has been awarded US Patent No. 8,877,723, "Method for identification of sensitivity of a patient to telomerase inhibition therapy."

Calvin Harley, Laurence Elias, Jennifer Smith, Mark Ratain, and Fabio Benedetti are named as inventors.

Intelligent Medical Devices has been awarded US Patent No. 8,877,909, "Optimized oligonucleotides and methods of using same for the detection, isolation, amplification, quantitation, monitoring, screening, and sequencing of group B Streptococcus."

Damien Slater, Chesley Leslin, Juan Anzola, David Dolinger, and Alice Jacobs are named as inventors.

Arkray has been awarded US Patent No. 8,877,910, "Probe for detecting polymorphism in exon 12 of NPM1 gene and use thereof."

Toshiya Hosomi is named as the inventor.

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Yokogawa Electric Corporation have been awarded US Patent No. 8,877,918, "Nucleic acid extraction method."

Yoshihiro Ozeki, Akiyo Yamada, Nobuhiro Sasaki, Hitoshi Wake, Takeyuki Mogi, and Tomoyuki Taguchi are named as inventors.