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IP Update: Recent Patents Awarded to Shimadzu, Vanderbilt, and More


Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics

US Patent No. 8,779,092. Metastasis-specific peptides and their diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Inventors: Federico Bussolino; Serena Marchio. Assignee: Universita Degli Studi di Torino

Covers peptide sequences that specifically recognize cells of human hepatic metastases and their diagnostic and therapeutic uses.

US Patent No. 8,778,695. Methods and apparatuses for analyzing biological samples by mass spectrometry. Inventor: Richard Caprioli. Assignee: Vanderbilt University.

Covers methods for analyzing proteins using laser-based ionization of a sample followed by analysis of the released ions and their spatial distribution to monitor and classify disease in the sample.

US Patent No. 8,775,098. Preparative liquid chromatograph system. Inventor: Shuzo Maruyama. Assignee: Shimadzu

Covers a liquid chromatography system in which a peak detector calculates the peak area for target components in each chromatogram and a delay estimator calculates the delay volume from a detector to the tip end of the dispenser and uses this to control timing of the separation.

US Patent No. 8,772,044. Method of negative-ion MALDI analysis of neutral labeled sugars and screening disease markers. Inventors: Junko Amano; Koichi Tanaka. Assignees: The Noguchi Institute; Shimadzu

Covers a method using MALDI mass spec to measure the negative ions of a labeled sugar chain on a biomolecule and comparing measurements of these biomolecules from diseased and non-diseased samples to determine expression patterns specific to particular diseases.

US Patent No. 8,771,974. Methods of determining the presence and/or amount of a biomarker to determine the presence, identity, and/or severity of a lysosomal storage or neurological disorder. Inventors: Brett Crawford; Jillian Brown; Charles Glass; Jim Beitel; Robin Jackman. Assignee: BioMarin Pharmaceutical

Covers a method of diagnosing or monitoring a disorder associated with abnormal glycan accumulation.

US Patent No. 8,771,968. Biomarker for osteoarthritis and/or other ageing-related diseases, and use thereof. Inventors: Yves Henrotin; Myriam Gharbi; Michelle Deberg; Edwin De Pauw. Assignee: University of Liege

Covers use of a protein biomarker for determining the prognosis of patients with osteoarthritis or other ageing-related diseases and monitoring treatment of these diseases.

US Patent No. 8,768,629. Molecular profiling of tumors. Inventors: Daniel Von Hoff; Alan Wright; Matthew McGinniss; Ryan Bender; David Loesch; Arlet Alarcon; Robert Penny; Traci Pawlowski. Assignee: Caris MPI

Covers methods of molecular profiling of diseases such as cancer to identify or guide treatment based on measurements including of proteins.

US Patent No. 8,758,993. Systems and methods for predicting response to anti-androgen therapy for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. Inventors: John McCoy; Andy Goren. Assignee: Global Life Science Partners

Covers methods for predicting response to anti-androgen treatment of androgenetic alopecia based on proteomics.

US Patent No. 8,754,363. Method and apparatus for reducing noise in mass signal. Inventors: Koichi Tanji; Manabu Komatsu; Hiroyuki Hashimoto. Assignee: Canon

Covers a method of noise reduction in processing mass spectrum information by applying preferable bias functions to a spectral direction and peak distribution direction.

US Patent No. 8,753,897. Nanoporous substrates for the analytical methods. Inventors: Mauro Ferrari; Mark Cheng; Giovanni Cuda; Marco Gaspari; David Geho; Lance Liotta; Emmanuel Petricoin; Fredika Robertson; Rosa Terracciano. Assignee: University of Texas; Ohio State University.

Covers nanoporous materials that can be used to enrich target substances in a sample, specifically small peptides in the low nanomolar range.

US Patent No. 8,747,910. Prediction of response to platinum-based therapy. Inventors: Karin Jirstrom; Jakob Eberhard. Assignee: Atlas Antibodies

Covers a method for determining which cancer patients are likely to respond to platinum-based therapy by measuring their expression of RBM3 protein.

US Patent No. 8,747,833. B7-H1 and methods of diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of cancer. Inventors: Lieping Chen; Scott Strome; Eugene Kwon. Assignee: Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

Covers a method of diagnosing and prognosing cancer based on expression levels of the protein B7-H1.

US Patent No. 8,741,662. Albumin-bound protein/peptide complex as a biomarker for disease. Inventors: Jennifer Van Eyk; Rebekah Gundry; Robert Cotter. Assignee: Johns Hopkins University

Covers methods and kits for diagnosis and prognosis using biomarkers comprising albumin-bound protein/peptide complexes.