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IP Update: Recent Patents Awarded to Microsoft, Dana-Farber, and More


Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics

US Patent No. 8,321,144. Non-contiguous regions processing. Inventors: Ernst Henle; Brandon Hunt. Assignee: Microsoft

Covers a method of analyzing LC/MS data that processes contiguous and non-contiguous regions of interest similarly to help identification of biological features.

US Patent No. 8,318,641. Systems and methods for the detection of biomarkers. Inventors: Richard Selinfreund; Rakesh Vig; Richard Gill. Assignee: NA

Covers a microarray system for detection of biomarkers including nucleic acid and protein markers comprising arrays featuring a minimum of 100 diagnostic markers per centimeter.

US Patent No. 8,318,441. Fibrinogen alpha and hemoglobin polypeptides as cancer markers. Inventors: Alexander Miron; James Iglehart; Lyndsay Harris; Xin Lu; Qian Shi. Assignee: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Covers the use of fibrinogen alpha and hemoglobin polypeptides as cancer biomarkers.

US Patent No. 8,318,206. Particles. Inventors: Molly Stevens; Rein Ulijn; Anna Laromaine; Liling Koh. Assignee: Imperial Innovations Limited.

Covers a particle aggregate comprising particles linked to other particles via linkers that can be cleaved by an enzyme and can be used for diagnosis of a disease associated with that enzyme or as a drug delivery system.

US Patent No. 8,314,221. Pharmacodiagnostic test targeting oncology and neurodegeneration. Inventor: Laurence Faure. Assignee: NA

Covers the use of the LIV21 complex and analysis of this complex by mass spectrometry for the detection and prognosis of cancer and its metastatic potential as well as diagnosis of the oncological properties of neurodegeneration.

US Patent No. 8,314,215. Mild chemically cleavable linker system. Inventors: Matthew Bogyo; Steven Verhelst; Marko Fonovic. Assignee: Stanford University

Covers a linker system wherein an activity-based probe capable of binding to certain enzymes is linked through an aryl diazo linker to an affinity molecule like biotin.

US Patent No. 8,313,950. Hepcidins as biomarkers for impending lupus nephritis flare. Inventors: Brad Rovin; Xiaolan Zhang. Assignee: Ohio State University

Covers use of hepcidins as biomarkers for kidney flares in systemic lupus erythematosus.

US Patent No. 8,313,919. Diagnostic test for renal injury. Inventors: Lars Uttenthal; Kristian Bangert. Assignee: Bioporto Diagnostics

Covers use of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin measurement for diagnosing and monitoring acute renal injury.

US Patent No. 8,309,359. Isobaric tags for analyte detection and quantification. Inventors: Chang Sohn; Jesse Beauchamp. Assignee: California Institute of Technology

Covers isobaric reagents capable of differential labeling of analyte samples for mass spec analysis.

US Patent No. 8,305,579. Sequential analysis of biological samples. Inventors: Thomas Treynor; Anup Sood; Michael Gerdes; Zhengyu Pang. Assignee: NA

Covers a method for probing multiple targets in a biological sample by binding the targets to an agent and reacting that agent to an enzyme substrate coupled to a fluorescent signal generator.

US Patent No. 8,304,248. Protein separation via ion-exchange chromatography and associated methods, systems, and devices. Inventor: Anthony Torres. Assignee: NA

Covers methods of separating proteins from a protein mixture by delivering the mixture through an ion exchange column at a fixed pH and salt concentration.

US Patent No. 8,304,196. In situ analysis of tissues. Inventor: Richard Caprioli. Assignee: Vanderbilt University

Covers a method of analysis of multiple tissue regions, which are sampled homogenously and then treated to liberate molecules of interest, which can then be analyzed via mass spectrometry.

US Patent No. 8,299,429. Three-dimensional molecular imaging by infrared laser ablation electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. Inventors: Akos Vertes; Peter Nemes. Assignee: George Washington University

Covers a mass spec technique that combines laser ablation with electrospray ionization for three-dimension imaging of target molecules.

US Patent No. 8,299,422. Mass spectrometer. Inventors: Robert Bateman; Kevin Giles; Steven Pringle; Jason Wildgoose. Assignee: Micromass UK

Covers a mass spectrometer featuring an ion mobility spectrometer followed by an ion guide featuring multiple axial potential wells so that the composition of ions received from the ion mobility spectrometer is maintained along the length of the ion guide.

US Patent No. 8,298,835. Proteolytic markers as diagnostic biomarkers for cancer, organ injury and muscle rehabilitation/exercise overtraining. Inventors: Ka-Wang Wang; Ming Liu. Assignee: University of Florida Research Foundation

Covers biomarkers that are diagnostic for nerve cell injury, organ injury, and neuronal disorders.

US Patent No. 8,298,783. Detecting molecules. Inventor: Mark Baker. Assignee: Macquarie University

Covers a process of increasing relative abundance of a molecule in a sample by fractioning the sample, immunizing a host with the sample, and then using the antibodies produced by this immunization to deplete the high-abundance molecules in the sample.

US Patent No. 8,298,775. Method for diagnosis of disease using quantitative monitoring of protein tyrosine phosphatase. Inventors: Seong Eon Ryu; Dae Gwin Jeong; Tae Sung Yoon; Jeong Hee Moon; Seok-II Hong; Young Joon Hong. Assignee: Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology

Covers a method for quantifying protein tyrosine phosphatase in samples using mass spectrometry and using these measurements to diagnose disease.

US Patent No. 8,298,772. Methods of diagnosing acute cardiac disorders using BNP-SP. Inventors: Christopher Pemberton; Arthur Richards; Michael Nicholls; Timothy Yandle. Assignee: Otago Innovation Limited

Covers the use of BNP signal peptide levels to diagnose or monitor acute cardiac disorders or cardiac transplant rejection.

US Patent No. 8,298,394. Non-gel based two-dimensional protein separation multi-channel devices. Inventors: Myeong Hee Moon; Ki Hun Kim. Assignee: Yonsei University

Covers a multi-channel system for gel-free two-dimensional protein separation that combines isoelectric focusing with field-flow fractionation.

US Patent No. 8,296,300. Method for reconstructing protein database and a method for screening proteins by using the same method. Inventors: Kyung-Hoon Kwon; Jong Shin Yoo. Assignee: Korea Basic Science Institute

Covers a method for building a protein database for identifying proteins via mass spectrometry and a method for screening proteins against this database.

US Patent No. 8,293,485. Multiplex liquid tissue method for increased proteomic coverage from histopathologically processed biological samples, tissues and cells. Inventors: David Krizman; Marlene Darfler. Assignee: Expression Pathology

Covers a method of preparing formalin-fixed tissue samples to obtain a multiplexed, multi-staged series of samples from a single histopathologically processed sample.

US Patent No. 8,292,083. Method and apparatus for separating particles, cells, molecules and particulates. Inventors: Mathew Varghese; Jason Fiering; Donald Ingber; Nan Xia; Mark Mescher; Jeffrey Borenstein; Chong Wing Yung. Assignee: The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory

Covers a method for separating or concentrating particles by flowing two samples in a laminar flow through a magnetic field gradient.