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Invitrogen is First Licensee Under ABI s Expanded PCR Licensing Program

NEW YORK, July 5 (GenomeWeb News) - Applied Biosystems has granted the first license under its new expanded PCR-licensing program to Invitrogen, ABI said today.


The expanded program includes patents for real-time PCR and other PCR-related technology not licensed under Applied Biosystems' previous PCR-licensing program, the company said.


Paul Grossman, vice president of strategic planning, business development, and intellectual property at Applied Biosystems, said in a statement that Invitrogen has been ABI's "largest PCR licensee, and that the company intends to negotiate similar licenses with other interested parties.


ABI expanded its PCR licensing agreement with Roche in May, following the settlement of long-standing litigation between the firms, and the expiration of several of Roche's core PCR patents in March. Under the expanded agreement, ABI is the sole licensor of Roche patents covering reagents and methods for practicing PCR and real-time PCR in the life science research and applied fields.


ABI's expanded PCR licensing program includes licenses to its PCR-based TaqMan assay and its Dye-Intercalation Assay method. It also includes patents covering a form of the Taq polymerase enzyme called AmpliTaq Gold that is used to initiate PCR.


Separate from this agreement, Applied Biosystems said it plans to offer licenses to manufacture probes for the TaqMan method and service licenses for these new technologies.


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