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Invitrogen Becomes First Shop to Sign On to Crucell’s PER.C6 Vendor Network

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) - Dutch biotech Crucell and DSM Biologics today said that Invitrogen will become the first company to enter the partnership's licensing business, Vendor Network, for monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins.
Invitrogen currently uses the Network's PER.C6 technology through its PD-Direct clone-generation services. As part of the deal, Invitrogen "will continue to develop and optimize clone generation solutions specifically tailored to the PER.C6 human cell line," Crucell and DSM said in a statement.
The firms created the Vendor Network to develop and provide tools and services specifically tailored to PER.C6. It will comprise tool and service providers that offer, among other things, PER.C6 clone-generation programs, media, bioreactor and other production equipment and devices, and process development services.
As a participating vendor, Invitrogen "will ensure ongoing innovation of unique processes and products that enhance the performance of the PER.C6 technology platform" and use its marketing and sales forces "to offer PER.C6-related goods and services, thereby increasing the exposure of the PER.C6 brand worldwide."