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She’s Great, But…


“There were one or two people that, had it been a right time in their life and other things had not been in the way, we might have gone into a different direction.”

— Applera CEO Tony White on hiring Kathy Ordoñez


Find “Celera Diagnostics’ Ordoñez to Head Celera Genomics” by searching: Celera Diagnostics

Think Tanks Roll In


Three months after being asked to give up the helm of Celera Genomics, Craig Venter has created a pair of nonprofit think tanks that aim at educating individuals, especially legislators, about genomics in humans and the environment. He will use the cash and clout collected during his terms at TIGR, HGS, and Celera as seed money for the foundations.


Find “Corporate Crusader Venter Goes Nonprofit with Pair of Foundations” by searching: crusader

Venom in the Genome


Genome Canada’s C$300 million research fund became fodder for a political firestorm as opposition politicians slammed the foundation as one of a host of slush funds created by Liberal government leaders.

Find “Genome Canada Is a Liberal Slush Fund, Pols Claim” by searching: Canada Weekly


Proteins Play Catch-Up


Like most large pharmaceutical companies, Merck invested heavily in gene expression profiling before paying much notice to proteomics. But that doesn’t mean the protein analysis group hasn’t had the resources to build a comprehensive suite of proteomics technologies.


Find “Merck’s Maturing Proteomics Platform Helps Drive the Pharma’s Molecular Profiling Effort” by searching: Merck Weekly


Hurdles Ahead


Over the last year, a new generation of data integration tools has emerged. But as their predecessors have proven, the success of these companies will depend on far more than the capabilities of their technology. A wary user community burnt by unsuccessful integration solutions has proven to be the biggest challenge most vendors face today.


Find “Rise of the Middle Class: Integration Vendors Differentiate Range of ‘N-Tier’ Offerings” by searching: n-tier Weekly


Upsetting the Apple Cart


“The array field is in a ‘let’s do the easy experiment first’ stage. It’s a harder question to look for molecular profiles within one specific subclass of tumors. You have to have the right specifications and design the experiment in such a way that you are comparing apples to apples.”

— David Beer, University of Michigan Medical Center


Find “DNA Chips Prove Indispensable in Cancer Research — AACR Meeting” by searching: Beer


The Scan

Fertility Fraud Found

Consumer genetic testing has uncovered cases of fertility fraud that are leading to lawsuits, according to USA Today.

Ties Between Vigorous Exercise, ALS in Genetically At-Risk People

Regular strenuous exercise could contribute to motor neuron disease development among those already at genetic risk, Sky News reports.

Test Warning

The Guardian writes that the US regulators have warned against using a rapid COVID-19 test that is a key part of mass testing in the UK.

Science Papers Examine Feedback Mechanism Affecting Xist, Continuous Health Monitoring for Precision Medicine

In Science this week: analysis of cis confinement of the X-inactive specific transcript, and more.