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Illumina to Perform Large-Scale Genotyping for UK Colorectal Cancer Project

NEW YORK, Nov. 9 (GenomeWeb News) - Illumina will provide genotyping services to colorectal cancer researchers funded by Cancer Research UK, the company said yesterday.


The multi-million dollar project will focus on colorectal cancer susceptibility, genetic mutations, and the progression of the disease. The agreement, extending over several years, consists of two major phases.


Both phases will use Illumina's Sentrix arrays and Infinium assay.


In the first phase, Illumina will genotype samples from 4,000 classified colorectal patients and controls with Sentrix HumanHap-1 BeadChip and Sentrix HumanHap-1S BeadChip using the Infinum assay.The two BeadChips will enable genotyping of over 500,000 SNPs per sample, the company said.


In the second phase, Illumina will genotype over 10,000 samples using a custom multi-sample BeadChip to analyze 20,000 SNPs per sample.


SNP content is derived from TagSNPs identified in the HapMap Project.


Illumina will work with two research groups: one based in Edinburgh and led by Edinburgh University's Colon Cancer Genetics Group, and the other based in London and consisting of the Molecular and Population Genetics teams from the Institute of Cancer Research and Cancer Research UK's London Research Institute.