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Hit Lists


1 For GT’s first anniversary we look back on our last 12 issues to see who in the industry earned the most mentions. Sure, it may say more about our coverage than anything else, but nevertheless, here are the GT darlings by number of issues mentioned:


10 Craig Venter

7 Francis Collins

Lee Hood

5 Ewan Birney

Eric Lander

Steve Lincoln

George Rathmann

4 Dan Joy

Jim Kent

Chris Marcazzo

2 In a fast-paced industry such as ours, fashions come and go. Here are the ins and outs of trends since GT’s inaugural issue:

Out In

Selling tools Drug discovery

IPOs Private funding

Startups Consolidation

SNPs Haplotypes

100,000 genes 30,000 genes

PE Applera

Genomics Proteomics

3 IPOs that did IPOs that didn’t

Brucker Daltonics Amersham Pharmacia

Ciphergen Biotech

Compugen Athersys

Genomica DoubleTwist

InforMax Genometrix

Third Wave NetGenics

4 Going, going…gone. These companies were swallowed up or shut their doors in the last 12 months:

Arcaris (acquired by Deltagen)

Artemis Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Exelixis)

Aurora Biosciences (acquired Vertex)

Axys Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Celera)

Cellmark Diagnostics (acquired by Orchid BioSciences)

Coelacanth (acquired by Lexicon Genetics)

Empatheon (acquired by eBioinformatics, now Entigen)

Gemini Genomics (acquired by Sequenom)

Genometrix (shut down)

GenomicFX (shut down)

Momentum Healthcare (acquired by Cellomics)

Neomorphic (acquired by Affymetrix)

Oxford Molecular (disbanded and software division acquired by Pharmacopeia)


Packard BioScience (acquired by PerkinElmer)

PanVera (acquired by Aurora Biosciences)

Principia Pharmaceutical (acquired by Human Genome Sciences)

Prospect Genomics (acquired by Structural GenomiX)

Proteome (aquired by Incyte)

Rosetta Inpharmatics (acquired by Merck)

Sawady (acquired by Qiagen)

Structure Function Genomics (acquired by GeneFormatics)

Synthetic Genetics (acquired by Epoch Biosciences)

Trega Biosciences (acquired by Lion Bioscience)

Xenometrix (acquired by Discovery PartnerInternational)



The Scan

Wolf Howl Responses Offer Look at Vocal Behavior-Related Selection in Dogs

In dozens of domestic dogs listening to wolf vocalizations, researchers in Communication Biology see responses varying with age, sex, reproductive status, and a breed's evolutionary distance from wolves.

Facial Imaging-Based Genetic Diagnoses Appears to Get Boost With Three-Dimensional Approach

With data for more than 1,900 individuals affected by a range of genetic conditions, researchers compared facial phenotype-based diagnoses informed by 2D or 3D images in the European Journal of Human Genetics.

Survey Suggests Multigene Cancer Panel VUS Reporting May Vary Across Genetic Counselors

Investigators surveyed dozens of genetic counselors working in clinical or laboratory settings, uncovering attitudes around VUS reporting after multigene cancer panel testing in the Journal of Genetic Counseling.

Study Points to Tuberculosis Protection by Gaucher Disease Mutation

A mutation linked to Gaucher disease in the Ashkenazi Jewish population appears to boost Mycobacterium tuberculosis resistance in a zebrafish model of the lysosomal storage condition, a new PNAS study finds.