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Helicos Hires Operations VP; Agilent Names MTL VP; Sequenom, Pharsight, and Clarient Flesh Out Their Boards; and Others

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) — Helicos Biosciences has appointed William Cotter as vice president of operations, the company said this week. Cotter formerly was vice president of operations at Closure Medical Corporation, and before that worked at Sanofi Diagnostic Pasteur. Helicos disclosed Cotter's appointment as part of its announcement that it has begun manufacturing its Heliscope genome sequencer.

Agilent Technologies this week said it has appointed Neil Cook to be vice president and director of the company’s Molecular Technology Laboratory, and has named him to manage technology and development for the company’s Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis segment.
Cook formerly was CSO of PerkinElmer’s Life and Analytical Sciences division, and was a vice president at Amersham Biosciences.

Sequenom has elected Kathleen Wiltsey to its board of directors. Wiltsey spent 14 years at Amgen and is a director of Lexicon Pharmaceuticals. In 2006 she took a post as executive director for development and launch of the Archon X Prize for Genomics.
Wiltsey also is president-elect of the board of the Associates of the California Institute of Technology.

Accuri Cytometers has appointed Daniel Calvo and George Dunbar to its board of directors.
George Dunbar is president, CEO, and a director of Aastrom Biosciences, and has served as CEO of Quantum Dot, Targesome, Epic Therapeutics, Cytotherapeutics, Stem Cells, and Metra Biosystems.
Dan Calvo is president and CEO of Assay Designs, and previously was CEO of Cellomics. He has also been head of worldwide sales in PerkinElmer’s Life and Analytical Sciences division.

CytRx subsidiary RXi Pharmaceuticals has named Dmitry Samarsky to be vice president of technology and development
Samarsky has been director of technology and development at Dharmacon, business development manager at Invitrogen, and was in business development at Sequitur, which was purchased by Invitrogen.

Clarient elected Michael Pellini to its board of directors and re-elected much of the other members this week at its annual stockholders meeting.
Pellini is currently vice president of life sciences for Safeguard Scientifics and previously was COO of Lakewood Pathology Associates. He was also president and CEO of Genomics Collaborative.

Anthony Caruso has joined Febit as vice president of informatics and application software, the company said today.
Caruso formerly was president of Lion Bioscience Research, president and CEO of Source Code Genetics, director of informatics and automation at Altana Pharma,and group leader of computational biology at Genome Therapeutics.

Syngene has hired Bob Coyne to be its US sales manager, the company said today. Coyne was regional sales manager for FujiFilm Life Sciences Imaging and was involved in marketing scientific equipment.

Pharsight has appointed John Schickling to its board of directors. Schickling was president, COO, and CFO at Kazak Composites and had been senior vice president, CFO, and treasurer at Phase Forward.
He has also been vice president and CFO of SynaPix, founder and CFO of Telesis Systems, and has held financial-management positions at Mobile Systems International and PRI Automation.
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