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Haseltine Joins Profectus Board, Randall Named to Nanosphere Board, Invitrogen and ABI Set Executive Team, and More

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) - William Haseltine has been named to Profectus BioSciences’ board of directors. Haseltine is an adjunct professor at the Scripps Institute for Medical Research and the Institute of Chemical Engineering at the University of Mumbai, India. He is chairman of the Berkeley Center for Synthetic Biology, and he previously was a professor at Harvard Medical School.
Haseltine also was founder, chairman, and CEO of Human Genome Sciences and founded several other biotech companies. He also is president of the Haseltine Foundation for Medical Sciences and the Arts.

Nanosphere has appointed Lorin Randall to its board of directors. Randall formerly was chief financial officer at Eximias Pharmaceutical Corporation, and he was CFO of i-STAT, which is now owned by Abbott Laboratories, and he serves on the boards at several healthcare companies.

Invitrogen and Applied Biosystems have named the executives that will lead the four divisions of the merged company. The molecular biology systems division will be led by Peter Dansky, who currently serves as leader of ABI’s molecular and cell biology functional analysis division. It will include the workflows of both firms related to molecular biology, such as gene expression, genotyping, gene regulation, and proteomics.
The genetic systems division will be led by Kip Miller, who currently serves as leader of Invitrogen’s Biodiscovery division. It will include ABI’s capillary electrophoresis and SOLiD sequencing systems, as well as Invitrogen’s third-generation sequencing development program.
The cell systems division will be led by Nicolas Barthelemy, who currently heads Invitrogen’s cell systems division. It will include Invitrogen’s current cell systems operations and ABI’s Poros and Tropix business lines.
The mass spectrometry division will be led by Laura Lauman, who currently leads ABI’s proteomics and small molecule division, and will house ABI’s mass spec business.
In addition, David Hoffmeister, currently Invitrogen’s CFO, will assume the same position at the new company; Bernd Brust, head of invitrogen’s global sales and marketing, will head global commercial operations; Peter Leddy, head of Invitrogen’s human resources, will become head of global human resources; Mark O’Donnell, now head of ABI's global services and supply chain, will lead global operations and services; John Cottingham, general counsel for Invitrogen, will become chief legal officer; Paul Grossman, Invitrogen’s lead for strategy and corporate development, will assume the same title; Joe Beery will take on the same title he currently holds at Invitrogen, head of information technology; Brian Pollock, CSO of Invitrogen, will be head of global research and development; and Mark Smedley will continue as full-time integration leader and head of the Integration Management Office. He has been directing the integration efforts.

Genstruct has tapped Louis Latino to be VP of sales. Latino has been VP of sales and support for North America at Accelrys, and he was VP of worldwide sales at Geneformatics. He also has served as a regional sales manager at Biosym Technologies, and he worked in sales at Superscape Group, Mitchell Management Systems, and BIW cable systems.

Cyntellect has appointed David Burns to serve as the company’s VP of sales and marketing and to be chief operating officer. Burns previously was head of strategic growth, head of strategic business development, and VP of commercial alliances at Amersham Biosciences. He also was CEO of Imaging Research, VP of business development and marketing at Packard BioSignal, and in scientific sales at Pharmacia/LKB.

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