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Grants for Cancer


The National Cancer Institute has an extramural budget of $3.7 billion, and a sizable portion of that goes to researchers involved in systems biology. For the list of grants below, Genome Technology searched the NCI grants database for those that included the word “genome.” Then we narrowed the list to include the larger and more technology-focused of the grants. This list is not comprehensive and is meant to be a sampling of the types of research funded by NCI.



Genomics of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia

Timothy Ley

Washington University

$1,541,017 Processing of Complex Lesions in the Mammalian Genome Randy Legerski University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
$1,421,811 Interrogating Epigenetic Changes in Cancer Genomes Tim Huang Ohio State University
$1,183,865 Gene Expression in Cancer by Microarray Hybridization Patrick Brown Stanford University


Making Hypomorphic Tumor Suppressors in Vivo Using RNAi

Scott Lowe Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
$806,932 Functional Proteomics of Breast Cancer

Joshua Labaer

Harvard University

$774,429 Genomic Analysis of Medulloblastomas Scott Pomeroy Children''''s Hospital, Boston
$617,526 Four Color Array Bound SNP/Mutation Detection in Cancer Paolo Fortina Thomas Jefferson University


A Genetic Approach to Genome-Scale Analysis of Cancers Honghua Li UMDNJ/RW Johnson Medical School

Folate-Genome Interactions in Colorectal Cancer

Patrick Stover Cornell University
$517,629 Genetic Analysis of Amplified Genomic DNA Archives

Paul Lizardi

Yale University

$483,113 Ovarian Cancer Screening Using Comprehensive Proteomics David Muddiman Mayo Clinic College of Medicine


Genomic Imprinting in Cancer Andrew Feinberg Johns Hopkins University
$433,225 Genomic Analysis of Gene Copy Number in Thyroid Cancer Paul Neiman Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Human Cytomegalovirus Gene Expression

Deborah Spector Univ. of California, San Diego
$415,191 Mechanisms of De Novo Methylation in Cancer

Peter Jones

Univ. of Southern California

$387,637 Gene Expression and Hypoxic Cell Resistance Peter O''''Dwyer University of Pennsylvania
$376,110 Methods for Correlating SNP Haplotypes with Cancer Lue Ping Zhao Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


Structure and Regulation of DNA Repair Genes Sankar Mitra University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Genotoxicity & Emergence of Genome Instability in Humans

Barry Finette University of Vermont & St Agric College
$333,018 EBV Genome Expression — Localization of Specific Function Diane Hayward

Johns Hopkins University

$326,475 Structural and Functional Studies on Proteins

Jon Clardy

Harvard University
$320,809 DNA Polymerase in Genome Maintenance and Tumorigenesis Richard Wood University of Pittsburgh


Regulation of Human Papillomavirus Gene Expression Laimonis Laimins Northwestern University

DNA Microarrays for Neurotropic Human Herpesviruses

Edward Wagner University of California, Irvine
$308,683 Genomic Instability in Human Colorectal Cancer Garth Anderson

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

$302,378 Regulation of Gene Expression by PML

Kun-Sang Chang

UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Biostatistics for Research in Genomics and Cancer

Joseph Ibrahim University of North Carolina


DNA Methylation and Ovarian Cancer Kenneth Nephew Indiana Univ./Purdue Univ.
$294,300 Targeted Mutagenesis of DNA via Triple Helix Formation Peter Glazer Yale University

Analysis of Genome Wide Transcriptional Control in Yeast

Vishwanath Iyer

University of Texas - Austin

$283,291 Genome Maintenance by the Mouse HUS1 Checkpoint Gene

Robert Weiss

Cornell University Ithaca


The Role of P53 and 14-3-3 in Genomic Instability Jesse Martinez University of Arizona
$270,668 Mechanisms of Inducible Error Prone DNA Replication M Z Humayun UMDNJ
$270,030 Adaptive Function Estimation for Genomic Data Charles Kooperberg Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Avian Retrovirus DNA Synthesis and Integration

Duane Grandgenett

St. Louis University


Genomic Determinants of Murine Leukemia Virus

Alice Telesnitsky

University of Michigan

$259,350 The Role of Microsatellite Instability in Cancer Harold Garner University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
$213,945 Comparative Genomic Analysis of Microarray Data Kyle Furge Van Andel Research Institute

DNA Mismatch Repair Functions in Tumor Suppression

Andrew Buermeyer Oregon State University
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