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Glaucus Proteomics To Rely On Dutch Supercomputing Brawn

NEW YORK, April 24-Glaucus Proteomics said today that it had struck agreements with SARA, the Dutch supercomputing center, and GigaPort, an Internet technology initiative funded by the Dutch government.


Glaucus intends to use the supercomputer center's muscle to characterize its collection of fully human antibodies, with the aim of developing antibody microarrays. The company also plans to identify biomarker patterns that can help fine-tune drug development.


Financial specifics were not disclosed.


Glaucus will have access to TERAS, a 1024 CPU system made up of two SGI Origin 3800 512 CPU systems with maximum 1 teraflop performance.


The company will connect to the facility via the GigaPort network, a broadband connection expected to provide10 gigabit/sec access.


Through this alliance, Glaucus will also have expert help with parallel code optimization, access to remote data backup, and remote help for in-house systems management.


Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Glaucus Proteomics is developing antibody and protein array technologies for drug development.

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