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Genomics Sector Has Fired More Than 1,500 Staff Since January 2001

NEW YORK, July 8 - Genomic-tool and -technology companies have laid off at least 1,500 people worldwide in the months since the sector began its slide in the fall of 2000.


Since investors en masse lost their confidence in these firms' ability to maintain growth as pure-play providers of tools or data--a reaction widely noted to be accurate--private and public companies have responded by shuttering facilities, trimming staff, dramatically changing tacks, acquiring or being acquired, or closing up shop.


The following is a general compilation of the number of employees at genomic tool and tech firms who have lost their jobs as the industry, bookended by slowdowns at biotech and pharma customers, struggles to stay afloat.


Obviously, these numbers, which individually have appeared as GenomeWeb articles, are not comprehensive; private companies, unlike their publicly traded cousins, are not required under law to disclose wholesale layoffs. In the case of private companies GenomeWeb has relied on its sources to disclose and verify staff reductions.


·        Incyte fired approximately 400 staff in November 2001.


·        Invitrogen laid off 175 staff in November 2001 and closed its Huntsville, Ala., manufacturing center in April 2002.


·        Celera Genomics fired 132 in June 2002, mostly in DNA sequencing, data-management and -analysis support, sales, and general administration.


·        Orchid Biosciences fired 90 since January 2001.


·        Third Wave technology laid off 75 jobs in April 2002.


·        DoubleTwist fired some 60 of its personnel since January 2001. (It subsequently closed in March).


·        Large Scale Biology laid off 58 people in June 2002.


·        Paradigm laid off 50 during 2002.


·        Cellomics fired 50 during 2002.


·        Valentis laid off 45 in 2002.


·        Bruker Daltonics laid off 45 employees in the United States and Germany in July 2002.


·        Lynx Therapeutics relieved 44 staff of their duties in April 2002.


·        Genomics Solutions fired 43 in September 2001.


·        Variagenics laid off 40 over 2002.


·        Genometrix laid off 35 in July 2001.


·        NetGenics fired 29 in January 2001.


·        Lion Bioscience laid off at least 25 since January 2001.


·        GeneMachines fired 20 in June 2002.


·        Xanthon laid off 10 staff in April 2002.


·        Medichem fired 25 percent of its staff in September 2001. The actual number is not available.


·        Hyseq fired 20 percent of its staff in July 2001. The actual number is not available.

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