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Genome Technology s Peer Review: A Weekly Forum of Recently Published Journal Articles: Jan 11, 2005

Following is a description of a recently published research paper recommended by a scientist involved in integrated biology. The recommender, Michael Metzker, is an assistant professor of cell and molecular biology at Baylor College of Medicine.


For a complete list of this month's recommended papers, read  Genome Technology, a GenomeWeb News sister publication.

High-Resolution Global Profiling of Genomic Alterations with Long Oligonucleotide Microarray. Brennan, C., Zhang, Y., Leo, C., Feng, B., Cauwels, C., Aguirre, A. J., Kim, M., Protopopov, A., and Chin, L. (2004).  Cancer Res. 64, 4744-4748


"In this paper, the authors describe their work using a commercially available array with 60-mer oligonucleotides as well as the assay conditions and bioinformatics tools they developed to detect 'single-copy difference in gene dosage of full complexity genomic DNA while offering high resolution,' they write in the abstract. This research enables 'high-resolution genome-wide array-comparative genome hybridization profiling of human and mouse tumors' to help track down the multiple regional insertions and deletions common to genomic sites of interest for oncology researchers, the authors say.


"The authors believe this effort could have an immediate impact in the field. 'The commercial availability of the microarrays and associated reagents, along with the technical protocols and analytical tools described in this report, should provide investigators with the immediate capacity to perform DNA analysis of normal and diseased genomes in a global and detailed manner,' according to the abstract."

The views expressed here do not necessarily represent the opinions of Genome Technology or GenomeWeb News.