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Genome Institute of Singapore Collaborates with Hemispherix on RNA-based SARS Therapeutic

NEW YORK, May 13 - The Genome Institute of Singapore has signed onto a collaboration with Hemispherx Biopharma, of Philadelphia, for research on Hemispherix' double-stranded RNA drug and another therapeutic, Alferon, the company said today.


The collaboration will involve evaluation of the double-stranded RNA, which has been shown to be active in coronaviruses. This drug candidate, known under the brand name Ampligen, is thought to stimulate the immune system and act as an antiviral. The company is also working with US government-sponsored researchers to evaluate the drug for efficacy against SARS.


The other drug, Alferon, is made up of purified alpha interferon. The company has already studied Alferon for treatment of coronaviruses in pigs. The company believes that this drug can work synergistically with Ampligen

Hemispherx has applied for patents on these drug candidates for treatment of coronaviruses.


The Genome Institute of Singapore is one of the institutes to sequence the SARS genome, along with scientists in Canada, the US, Hong Kong, and Beijing.



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