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GeneBio to Exclusively Distribute Proteome s Database

NEW YORK, Sept. 5 — Geneva Bioinformatics, the commercial arm of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB), said on Tuesday it had obtained the rights to exclusively distribute GlycoSuite, Proteome Systems’ database of protein glycosylation.

Glycosylation is a variety of protein modifications important in protein function and diseases such as cancer.

“A significant problem was that information concerning glycosylation was scattered throughout the literature in thousands of scientific publications,” said Proteome Systems CEO Keith Williams in a statement.

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“In GlycoSuiteDB, Proteome Systems has curated a large part of the scientific literature on protein glycosylation to make it available in an easily searchable form,” he said.

The database, said Williams, allows researchers to ask questions such as, “Which proteins show glycosylation changes during cancer?”

SIB maintains protein and proteomic databases, including SWISS-PROT, an annotated non-redundant sequence database in collaboration with the European Bioinformatics Institute; PROSITE, a database of protein families and domains; and SWISS-2DPAGE, a database of proteins identified on 2-D PAGE reference maps.

The databases are licensed free of charge to academic institutions. GeneBio offers commercial subscribers annual subscriptions along with proprietary protein analysis software.

GeneBio CEO Erik Baas said that adding GlycoSuite to the package “will provide researchers with unparalleled opportunities to address commercially important problems in the field of proteomics.”

Proteome Systems of Sydney, Australia is an informatics, proteomic instrument, and drug discovery company. It has strategic alliances with Dow AgroSciences, MicroFab Technologies and Shimadzu of Japan.

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