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Former Oracle Exec Named Operations Chief at UW s CSI

NEW YORK, April 10 – Joseph Duncan, a former Oracle executive, has been appointed chief of operations and information technology at the University of Washington School of Medicine’s Cell Systems Initiative, the university said Tuesday.

As chief of operations, Duncan will help to launch companies from the CSI, a research initiative aimed at better understanding disease at the cellular level and at incorporating genomic information to develop precise drug discovery processes.

“CSI is well poised to be an effective incubator of new technologies,” Duncan said in a statement, adding that companies such as Isis Pharmaceuticals and Immunex are already collaborating on a number of projects. “Different spin-offs will be started as part of those initiatives, and I look forward to being involved.”

Duncan said he would also work to develop better, simpler visualization tools to help model cells’ information systems.

“People studying biology today really don’t have the tools they need to effectively model
what they experience as they do their tests,” Duncan said. “They don’t have the tools they need to seamlessly see the interrelationships between all their data as well as data from other researchers.”

Duncan was a senior vice president in Oracle’s products division from 1995 to
1997. He reported directly to CEO Larry Ellison.

Bob Franza is director of CSI, which is based in Seattle.

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