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Fisher Considering More Acquisitions; High-Growth Consumable Shops Likely Target

NEW YORK, May 27 (GenomeWeb News) - Fisher Scientific is eyeing potential acquisitions as it continues to look for ways to grow its footprint in the life-sciences market, GenomeWeb News' sister publication BioCommerce Week learned.


Fisher, which acquired proteomics shop Perbio in 2003 and RNAi tools provider Dharmacon one year later, is focusing on higher-growth consumables plays in the molecular biology tools field, Vice Chair Paul Meister said during a recent investor conference.


He said Fisher expects $400 million in cash flow this year, which would ensure the company is flexible for any potential acquisition targets that come its way.


Meister made his statement during the Banc of America Securities Health Conference in Las Vegaslast week. Other leading life science tool providers presenting at the meeting also hinted at impending M&A strategies, including:

  • Greg Lucier, CEO of Invitrogen - one of the most acquisitive genomic tool shops on the planet - said the company would acquire more companies before the end of the year.
  • Beckman Coulter CEO Scott Garrett said his firm was eyeing the acquisition of new technologies and expansion into new markets - or perhaps a tuck-in acquisition, in which Beckman would purchase a company with the purpose of merging it into a Beckman division.
  • Stratagene, one of the smaller players in the multi-platform genomics tools space, also is looking to buy. Chairman and CEO Joe Sorge said during a question-and-answer session following his presentation that the firm was looking at acquisitions "in the neighborhood of $10 million" to fill capacity that emerged at its facilities in California and Texas, following its purchase of Hycor Biomedical last year.
  • Harvard Bioscience, which did not present at the conference in Las Vegas, also recently stated that it was eyeing a new acquisition, though it did not identify potential acquisition candidates.

The complete version of this article appears in the current issue of BioCommerce Week.

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