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Fifth Annual Young Investigators


There are many researchers doing great work in systems biology. For our search to uncover the brightest minds — profiled here — Genome Technology turned to the established pros of the field to recommend those young researchers who are rising stars. This series wouldn't be possible without that insight. GT would like to thank all those who responded to our requests for recommendations.

Without further ado, here are the full-length fifth annual GT Young Investigator profiles.

Julie Dunning Hotopp: The Impact of Inter-Domain Lateral Gene Transfer

Adam Boyko: Genetic Architecture of Dogs

Dalila Pinto: From CNVs to Pathways

Ting Wang: Transposable Elements, Regulatory Networks, and the Epigenome

Nicholas Buchler: The Dynamics of Regulatory Networks in Yeast

Ryan Lister: Epigenomics and the Control of a Genome

Makedonka Mitreva: Genomics to Power Study of Neglected Diseases

Nuno Bandeira: Missing Nothing With Mass Spec

Yaniv Erlich: Fast-Paced Bioinformatics

Michael Hoffman: Noisy Genomic Data, Made Clearer

Hui Jiang: Tools for the Surge of Sequencing Data

Morgan Langille: Lured by the Biology, Captured by the Challenge

Steve Parker: An Algorithmic Awakening

Michael Schatz: Genome Assembly and the Cloud

Maitreya Dunham: Varied Interests in Cancer

Nicholas Navin: The Evolution of Cancer Tumors

William Bush: Layers of Complexity Between Bases and Disease

Jonathan Berg: Clinical Cancer Genomics

Nicholas Marko: From Bedside to Bench and Back

Tricia Thornton-Wells: Into the Brain

Charles Venditti: To Treat a Metabolic Disorder

Guillaume Paré: Conquering Complex Chronic Diseases

Lei Xie: Prescribing a New Way

Anthony Borneman: For Better Beer, Wine, and Bioethanols

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